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Hi all!

Update: Hi Everyone!! Again I cannot stress enough how much i appreciate and love that you have considered the Violet Hour to review your book. Here is the thing. I, Becca, will not be accepting read for reviews in the near future. Unless I sign up for an ARC or for a R4R (read for review) I will NOT be accepting. I love that you want me to. I love that you would even consider us, it is an honor, but here is the thing. I am now officially working two jobs, not including all my other side jobs. Blogging I consider a job, I don’t get paid for this, I do it because I love it. I am also an author – not shamelessly self promoting, its a fact. So not only do I have blogging, and author business, but I have TWO other jobs! I am lucky enough to read the books I do get my grubby little paws on. Now if you are ever interested in us helping with a blitz, tour, spotlight, etc, feel free to email me. I cannot promise you I will be able to do your date, but I will sure as hell try. Thank you for understanding, but under no circumstance unless I SIGN UP for your R4R or ARC will I be accepting read for reviews. I am sorry, it does suck another blog is going off the charts for R4R I know how essential they can be, but I am drowning as it is. This second job is new so mayhaps after I get into the swing of things, and really figure everything out, I will be so check back often if you are super determined for me to read your book. THANK YOU AGAIN, i cannot stress how much of an honor it is!


So I’m Becca, I run the Violet Hour Blog, and while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are interested in our reviews, and us reading your books we need to cover a few things.

First off: I personally might not be reviewing your books, unless you specifically ask for me, and if I have time, I am more than willing to read most books, I do not review erotica that much, barely any, if your book is only about the physical relationship please look elsewhere. I don’t mind sex I really don’t so Adult, and NA is fine! I would like to point out, I read primarily paranormal, fantasy, scifi, dystopias, I will read some contemporary fiction. so you know my preferences.

I have two other reviewers on the team

I cannot guarantee that one of these two ladies will want to review your book, and I’m sorry for that, but its up to them what they want to read. But they are the two I will give most request to, only because I am now an author as well, and unfortunately have a lot going on there.

Nellysa: She reads pretty much any genre, I would ask that you take a look at one of her reviews as we all here at the Violet Hour review DIFFERENTLY.

Samantha: Also she pretty much reads and genre – I believe that she said she would be willing to do some erotica, so if you are REALLY, REALLY interested in the Violet Hour doing a review for you in that genre I will pass it to Sam and see what she wants to do. Again please look at one of her reviews to get an understanding of her style.

Now we are not going to under any circumstance going to lie in a review for you, we will NOT be cruel, or bash the author/book that isn’t what we are here for, but if the book wasn’t for us, it wasn’t for us. If you have a serious issue with our review please e-mail me at:

Kay now that is all said. Please if you are requesting a review, when you email us – and please E-MAIL US or Facebook (privately) message our PAGE, and be respectful or we won’t answer.

So in the end The Violet Hour

A) Can NOT guarantee anything above a 4 star rating – that is up to the reviewers.

B ) Will NOT appreciate/condone bashing of authors, other bloggers, or MY REVIEWERS, I am serious

C) We do hold the right to pass on your book for whatever reasons, we will try our best to get back to you.

D) Review time completely depends the reviewer themselves which one of us have other jobs and/or school, and/or families. ❤


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