About Us

Hey there! Thanks for joining us and our–well, for lack of a better word–craziness.

My name is Becca (goes by rvmisura) and the other lady sitting next to me, who is forcing me to write this, is Andrea (goes by ajr818). We are two ladies who enjoy reading, and decided not too long ago…well, why not make a blog about one of the things we love most? So here we are!

So Becca (aka me still) is an English major, 22 years old, enjoys walking along the beach–but not really, this isn’t a dating site, and I’m most likely not interested unless of course you are one of the many, many, many, many boys in books I’ve fallen in love with and has ruined any chance for real flesh and blood men. So back to what I was getting at, I like to read–no, that’s not right, just ask Andrea; I am obsessed with reading. Do it instead of homework–it’s a problem. I am a hardcore–maybe to the point of a problem–paranormal fan. I love sci-fi, and on rare, very RARE occasions do I read contemporary fiction. I do enjoy the classics. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. I am an English major so I have those books forced upon me and sometimes we find winners. A few of my favorite authors, and mind you I said a few, are Quinn Loftis, Amy Bartol, Jennifer Armentrout, Wendy Higgins, and Erica Stevens … I should stop or I will go on forever. Some of Andrea’s favorites are shared favorites so don’t feel left out ;). And NOW IT’S ANDREA’S TURN (also I will probably not write in all caps; it bothers us English/Creative Writing Majors).

Hey, since Becca gave me a kickass introduction, I’m Andrea. I’m also a 22-year-old English major–probably will end up being a super, super senior, as we call it, since I got the brilliant idea of adding a Pre-Vet concentration my senior year. Anyway, I love to read as well, and I’m somewhat of the complete opposite of Becca when it comes to what types of books I like…in some ways. While I do love paranormal romances as much as Becca (maybe not werewolves, but that’ll come up in the future), I am a huge contemporary fiction reader, and I absolutely love romances of any kind…mostly. A few of my favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre is one of the greatest novels ever written), Sylvia Day, Jennifer Armentrout, Jana Oliver, Rachel Caine, and Jeri Smith-Ready. So, that’s pretty much about me.

If you are looking to contact us, please contact us here: theviolethourbookreviews@gmail.com

Okay HI!!! Update: For the rest of the year – I (Becca) will NOT be accepting read for reviews. If you are interested in still seeing if Andrea or Nellysa would interested please feel free to email us, but unfortunately I am already way behind in my RFR (read for reviews) and I am so sorry to those authors I wish I had for free time unfortunately I do not.

We DO accept reads for reviews kind of stuff. I would like to mention though we are two college students, when it comes back to school time our reading (well maybe not too much) time has to be cut back. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be interested this might mean we may take more than I don’t know a week to get to your book. We will let you know for sure though. As much as we love to get such an honor, we hope you respect that we might decline your book, and I (Becca) will tell you why in a private e-mail. And authors please understand if you do send us one for an honest review, we are going to be honest. We try our best not to be harsh or well a bitch when we don’t like books but it happens.

Thank you so much 😀 for showing interest in the blog, for stopping by, for liking, for following, for you being you. Keep on reading or writing, or both!


4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hey Guys!

    I’m working on something to not only promote fellow authors but also bloggers like yourselves and I was wondering if you both wanted to participate. I’d send you ten questions to answer and all you’d have to do is send them back with your responses and anything else you want me to share on my page. I thought it would be something fun to do. If you’re interested just send me an email I can forward the questions to! Thanks a bunch!


  2. Hey Andrea and Becca. Just did stumble into your site. (Sounds like a beginning for a time travel novel)
    I am a fairly new indie author and I write vampire action romance novels, the ‘Forever Young’ series. I would love to have an interview/review at your convenience. Can furnish links and details via email.
    I like the way this site is laid out. Some of them are vague, but not this one.

    Kindest regards,
    Gerald Simpkins
    author ‘Forever Young’ vampire action romance series.

  3. Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! https://acolsin.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/liebster-award/ 🙂

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