Synopsis via Goodreads:

How far would you go to win against a force so evil they always seem one step ahead? How much would you risk to do the right thing? Would you join forces with evil, knowing it was the only way to save the one’s you love?

Join our Heroes and Heroines as they continue to Journey through The Five Kingdoms and are asked those very same questions.

Will our stalwart Champions be able to finally defeat Golix and The Herd, or will Fate decide who lives and who dies.

Find out if Lanni, Mithrin, Terra, Phara, Tian and a host of new characters, have what it takes To Win The Guarded Heart…

My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)

My exact reaction at the end. Yes I turned into a cat and freaked out, ran off the bed.

It was an intense reaction but well warranted.

~*~*~*~PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware this is the FOURTH in a series, there will not be spoilers for this book but there WILL BE for the first three books~*~*~*~*~


So dear fans of this series, rest easy you will not be disappointed. I think that Margaret did a fantastic job of scaling back on the amount of characters we are reading their POVS but we are also introduced to a new pack – yes that was intended – of characters and oh boy am I excited about it! I am so very curious about them but I am also happy to see old favorites still around. I think that this series is wonderful, Goliax proves how far and willing he is to go to get exactly what he wants. He has out-maneuvered and out-smarted and out planned everyone yet again. Seriously I Am seriously considering changing teams for awhile. I mean i am no fan of the man but damnnnnnn its hard to not respect his never ending planning.

Goliax’s plans and evility? (is that a word, i don’t think so annynways) is never ending. this will throw some major punches and make you feel a little helpless. but never fear my dears! there is still hope and there is still love, and romance and Rixon….*Swoon*

I am a huge huge huge fan of this series and i really loved this book, i think in the last book there was a lot of jumping of characters this one got it under control and we still jumped but it was spread out and not as many characters.

Honestly i can’t say much without giving anything away but all the good amazing pace is there again in this book. always moving without moving to fast, interesting, a little romantic, and just an awesome adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and flipping to the next page as fast as you possibly can.

i am dying for the next one, if i haven’t said it already 😉 hehehe