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Chloe Novak may be the world’s clumsiest cat shifter; in fact, she’s the only panther she’s ever heard of that doesn’t land on its feet. She may hide her looks behind her glasses, lumpy cardigans, and stacks of books. However, she’s got her beautifully creaky old house and her university job, and she’s content…until billionaire panther shifter Kenneth Chamberlin strides through her office door with an offer she literally can’t refuse, if she ever wants to see her grandmother alive again. The problem is, the Chamberlin family are the ones who ruined her family’s life and reputation – and the sinfully handsome Kenneth makes her tingle in all the right places. How can she work with him in close quarters and keep her heart and her sanity intact?

My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Awesome? I think YES!

Song Choice: “Explosions” by Ellie Goulding, “Comsic Love” by Florence + the Machine

First Thoughts: So I saw that the first book in this series was free, i read the synopsis and was like YES this is what i want to read, this has been hiding from me FAR TOO long. Wellll I read the second books synopsis because i was curious, I couldn’t help myself. Anywhoooos, I could not resist the temptation of a nerdy, clumsy, cat-shifter. There was no way in hell I could say no to that soooooo I snagged it and ran. *teehee* Good decision!!! Granted I still have yet to read the first book (even though I have finished this one AND the third one – in one day) Yeah that is insane for me by the way. I still think people should read the first one, first. First off its free, also gives you I am certain more of a background on Kenneth, and the other characters because i went into this thinking it would be strictly Kenneth and Chloe’s POVs (i was wrong)

Thoughts on Plot: I really thought this was unique and interesting. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGEEEEE paranormal fan, and granted sometimes i get a little more than worried that the book is going to be more sex and plot and I love paranormal for its plot. So while this had the heat i do desire as well it wasn’t all about that. There were so many twist in this book that i didn’t see coming a mile and half or so away maybe its because i didn’t start out with the first book so i was new to the world but i loved it all the same. This was really, really actually quite amazing. I loved the adventure, the romance, the steaminess, the twisties and the turnies. I think there were a few things in this book that made me stop and go huh – writing wise but i am thinking that was heavier in the third book. I will get to that soon. Otherwise I like the mystery of this one. It was overall a fun, easy, fantastic read.


Kenneth: I think he was interesting, that sexy alpha werecat hehe. I actually appreciated him a lot because he was a playboy before hand he knew that, she – Chloe – knew that but he wasn’t afraid to act on his feelings. He wasn’t going to back down not for anything. But better yet he learned quickly that not all girls are the same, and that sometimes some need to be won over in very different ways and i loved that. Absolutely loved their relationship wasn’t the standard sorts.

Chloe: Am i just sadistic enough of person that I wanted her to be more clumsy? i mean she was really clumsy and it showed but i wanted to see more of it. She was an interesting character, not a run of the mill sort and i really did love that. She was a pretty awesome character unfortunately Pixie captured my heart and stole it 😉 OOOOOH THE JOKE THAT WAS JUST MADE okay sorry but no i really did like her and i thought she was an awesome character

The ending: It was goooood I think their story came to a conclusion and that was nice but it was open to so much more yays!