Synopsis via Goodreads:

Pixie Montana is a reformed (mostly) thief and a hustler. Dominick is the sexy lion shifter who’s been voted “most likely to bite Pixie’s head off – literally”. And the two of them are Shifters, Inc.’s, only hope. A mysterious intruder has infected the staff of Shifters, Inc. with a deadly plague, and his price for the cure is a mysterious jewel known as The Bloodstone – a jewel that’s impossible to steal, because it kills all those who touch it. If Pixie doesn’t return with the jewel in 3 days, every one of her friends will die. Pixie and Dominick must set aside their differences and battle their strange, growing attraction to each other, or demons from both of their pasts will derail their mission and put all of their lives at risk.

My Review:

4.5 no 5 no 4.5 no 5

On the fence here, I loved loved this book I really did and I was SOSOSOSOSO excited to read Pixie’s book but there were a few issues in this book – writing things like just grammar not even grammar just uughhhh im bad at explaining but okay here it is: spoilers from book one and two i am certain – now Jax and Bobbi are married? We totally just skipped and i get that in a writers head that characters are constantly moving forward with their lives we don’t see. Anyways sorry about that little ness, it was just a few tiny tiny tiny things like that, that pulled me out of the book, and of course I wanted more. but that isn’t why i would ever knock a book down.

Song Choice: “I Know You Care” by Ellie Goulding

First Thoughts: EEEE I was very excited about getting to read Pixie’s book and i can honestly say i wasn’t disappointed She quickly became one of my favorite characters in book two (which is the book i started with because im weird. i thought it was possible to read these out of order, which in part it was, and sort of not) anyways Pixie is just such an intriguing character in general but she is such a spitefire and i am getting ahead of myself. Alright sorry I loved the again the adventure, the characters overall awesome-ness right here.

Thoughts on Plot: I loved the story for Pixie and Dominick. it was again filled with twist and turns that i didn’t really see coming, some i did, but it was interesting and kept me waiting to go until i finished it completely. Curse you Georgette For keeping my prisoner to your books because even as I write this review i want to read the first book and the next one! alright anyways I really loved the movement of this book, the pace and the over all just awesome-ness that is Pixie right? Okay so know that we have established i have an obsession over this character. There was a lot of action in this book, the pace was fast, exciting and over amazing.


Pixie: I was just over ecstatic with finding her book was next i was just trying to get here so i could read it. Honestly i wish her book lasted longer but it was okay because it was also totally awesome. She is a really cool character and i just really enjoyed the story i couldn’t read it fast enough. I know it was a short book to begin with but it was still such a fast read.

Dominick: He was interesting i honestly felt a little more disconencted to him than i did with Pixie because she had shown up in the book beforehand more than him so i felt like I already knew her. Dom i didn’t know him as well i wondered if i read the first book first that i would have had more of a connection with him. i didn’t hate him i just wished there was more of him. he was protective and sexy that is for sure but i felt like it was implied we should have known more about him.