Synopsis via Goodreads:

My name is Morgan Sinclare. My father is a United States Senator. He’s kept me locked away for most of my life in private all-girl schools, in our home. But I just heard what he has planned for me. He’s sold my hand to the highest bidder. I’m supposed to marry one of his friends, someone twice my age. I’m biding my time, acting like the giddy bride-to-be, like the dutiful daughter.

We are to elope as soon as possible to seal the deal. I acted devastated that I wouldn’t get my dream wedding, so they’re letting me choose the honeymoon location. I’ve always heard that Las Vegas is a magical place. And I think it’s time I disappear…

**Parts 1-5 of the serial series Sin by Casey L. Bond.

~*~*~please note, this is my overall review of the entire collection~*~*~

My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

My God this was amazing
I ate this up like candy
I was addicted to it
I had to have the next part (this was originally published as a serial)
Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

Song Choice: “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab For Cutie, “Hold On, We Are Going Home” by Drake, “Addicted To Love” by Florence and the Machine

First Thoughts: I am infatuated with Casey L. Bond, she is a master with words, characters, and stories that not only threaten, but promise to keep you hooked until the very last page and still begging for more. I ate these serials up like candy and I am a candy-holic, its a problem. I am not usually one who reads contemporary fiction because i have a preference towards paranormal, but my – oh – my its books/authors like these that make me willing to try it out.

Thoughts on Plot: This was original – at least from my take on it, I did say earlier I am not a huge contemporary fiction reader so maybe its not for some but for me it was. I loved that Shane was an MMA fighter, I am not sure what I really expecting from him but wow he blew me away – we will get to that soon, I loved the pace of this book. I read this as the serials but to be honest it felt like i was reading as a novel because i wanted until all pieces were out and I am glad I did, i am not going to lie I think i would have died waiting for the next piece of this story! It was truly addicting. My heart was racing practially throughout the whole book I just had to know what was going to happen wait. The suspense for me was there, when was this mysterious Johnny going to strike, when was Sin’s (Morgan’s) past catch up to her because I Was certain it was. And boy was I right! There are so many twist and turns in this book you will be wondering which way is up and what way is left because omg, amazing. Sure I caught a few things before they happens but mostly I didn’t. I loved the ride anyways! Romance, suspense, thrills, sexy-as-hell MMA fighter? Yes please!

My thoughts and casting – note: i don’t do casting often

Moran aka Sin:


Morgan: She was feisty, while yeah she was little sheltered and didn’t know a few things, she was strong and kept going. She fought hard and wanted to know what was happening. She didn’t need anyone to save her because she could save herself, but if she fell and needed help she was willing to accept it. I really enjoyed her character, i think she was an awesome MC and I did really enjoy reading her story

Shane: MMA fighter, scruff, gray eyes, and a bad attitude, sign me up 😉 hehehe but in all seriousness, he was a great Male lead, while he had moments where i wanted to punch him, he was mysterious, sexy as hell, demanding, very alpha *mmmmeeooow 😉 * anywayyys now that i done being creepy. Great character to fall in love with ^.^

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