Synopsis via Goodreads:

Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again. After a painful divorce, she finds herself in Paris on a working holiday, hopeful that this will be the opportunity she has been waiting for. She intends to have fun and maybe find someone to flirt with; someone who will show her a good time, treat her right, and awaken her to all she has been missing. What she does not expect to find is Remington St. Germain and his adorable son, Adrien. Remington is intense, devastatingly hot and a Prince Charming on the outside, but a dirty talking, insatiable devil behind closed doors—the opposite of the man she has been hoping for—and not the type to give up on something that he wants. Selene soon realizes that life with Remington is not only interesting, but adventurous. It’s dangerous, and she’s about to find out how dangerous. . . if she is brave enough to take a chance.

***Havoc is the first installment of a three-part serial, each approximately 36000 words. (110 pages)***

My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)


First Warning: I was given this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and honesty is what I do.

Second Warning: This is a novella, which is part one of three so my review might be a little different

Song Choice: “I’ll Be Waiting” by Adele (no i am not being funny – read the book you will get it 😉 ), “Sideways” by Citizen Cope

First thoughts: Autumn Grey writes amazingly elegant characters, they are refined, gorgeous, raw and utterly amazing. They pull you into their story and demand to be heard until the book is finished. This isn’t an author telling their stories, its the characters telling us.

Thoughts on Plot: So contemporary isn’t my normal cup of tea, its not that i hate it, i just sometimes get bored *shrugs* we all have preferences, but this, wow. seriously, wow. Kept my attention and made me practically PANTING to get back to it. The story was wonderful, I loved learning about these two stories. They both have a little darkness in their past and there is so much more to learn, so much more to happen! AHHHHH WHAT I AM SAYING IS PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY GIVE ME THE NEXT ONE WOMAN! i mean.. *clears throat* I am professional, *nods* yeah… sure WHATEVER 😉 hahaha okay but seriously this was awesome

Sexy Scenes: HOT HOT HOT please bring your fans or you know step outside if winter has hit you yet 😉


Selene: In true Autumn fashion, her main character is not only elegant, a true woman, but fierce, strong a joy to read. I really loved Selene, she was pretty awesome, though she sees herself as weak at some points i see the complete opposite. She is seriously amazing, i love the confidence and love that she has for her own skin and body. There are still insecurities because of her past but she mostly has her head held high and she is ready for anything even Remington – and with a name like that you KNOW he is hot as hell

Remington: Oh yeah, hot as hell. this is a man of mystery with a lot of sexual energy just surrounding him. he is *fans self* quite the book boyfriend if this man is real can someone PLEASE point him in my direction! I am not hard to miss i have my arms waving frantically and lust in my eyes 😉 hahahah okay serious time, I think he was super hot, so alpha without being annoying alpha. nommie nommie…..this just got awkward didn’t it?

The ending: GODDAMMIT WOMAN MORE…NOW! please ❤