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This book is intended for a mature audience. Recommended Age: 18+ due to sexual content, language, and violence

FATE never makes mistakes. The only a difference is being ready for it, or simply believing you have a choice.

Maya James has enough of being on the run, and her body is paying the price. Plain and simple she’s tired – very tired. The people she thought were her parents … let’s just say nothing is as it seems. When she literally runs into a mysterious stranger, her world begins to glow. She knows in her heart he’s the one to help her – possibly save her. Retreating to his house hidden in the forest she forms a plan – get in, get some much-needed rest, and then get out. She never intends to feel anything. But after spending weeks by herself, she now resents that her savior … her caretaker makes her feel something other than hate. How do you make choices, choices that not only affect you, but an entire race of people? Fate steps in … and gives you some much-needed direction.

Morningstar warrior Jaden loves casual women – especially long-legged, blondes. He doesn’t need to know their names and never needs a repeat performance. When his midnight stranger offers him a roll between the sheets without any commitment, he’s intrigued by what she makes him feel. He doesn’t expect her to stay or suddenly become his responsibility, but now that he actually “feels” something – what’s a vampire to do? Better let fate run its course.

My Review: (4 out of 5 stars)

Original, interesting, a kickass series in the making

Warning: This was an ARC given to me in exchange for an honest review, and honest is what I do

Song Choice: “I Will Be There” by Odessa, “If it Means A Lot to You” by A Day To Remember, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bon Iver

First Thoughts: I really did enjoy this book i thought it was both original but somewhat familiar at the same time. I think that it has great potential to become this amazing series and I am really excited to see where it goes. Set in Flames is a fabulous debut book for Sam Destiny. Not to mention we are presented with the original idea of vampires, without it being gory or with the stigma that they are bad.

Thoughts on Plot: I really thought that when going into this it was going to be something completely different to be honest, i am not in the least upset where the book went instead, i thought it was interesting and intriguing. Though….I was questioning for a very long time why this “tradition” was so important, and why it was done in the first place :/ I didn’t quite get it i think, which made me question it a lot, and i feel there is time to build on this question, and to get our answers, I am so very curious to see where this series is headed, i could see it going so many different ways that I am so sososo excited! I think that the villains were awesome, I had a hard time not falling a little ….. (a lot)…..in love with Nox, I want to see so much more of him. Strange I know, I am weird like that. Anyways! Moving forward, i think that the romance aspect the book was just beginning, i could feel it, and while i was happy with some parts I was also going…huh? at a few others but that really is personal preference there, and i know it. I don’t think it should defer anyone from reading this amazing book. The pacing is pretty good, its starts off pretty fast and I LOVE THAT, LOOOOVEEEEE that

Thoughts on Characters:

Maya: She was an interesting characters, i guess now that i think about it, i wanted to get a more nitty gritty detail of her background, what we are given is good, yes but i am a sadist and i love to hear more. I think she was brave and does well coming over what she has been through. i think she remains strong, and she has the compassion. I think that while we got a bigger story, i wasn’t completely clear on her history until the end of the book, i wasn’t sure if she knew as much as i thought she did. like with history and tradition with the vampires rather just knowing there were vampires out there.

Jaden: He is an idiot, but men are. He has his moments that is for sure, but most of the time while he was being all “dutiful” i wanted to punch him and be like no, but when he was sweet, damn was he sweet. i look forward to see what the future holds for him and Maya.

Kaden: Hmmm. i actually like him a lot a lot HUGE-ISH SPOILER (view spoiler)

Red: he and Lex had to be two of my favorite warriors, Red more so i think he was an interesting twist in the book and i am DYING to see his story! please, please, please hehehe but seriously, please

Lex: again very interesting and sweet character i think he would be a VERY intriguing read as well ^.^

Destra: She confused the hell out of me. I get she is insane, i get that it played on that but she also was so devoted to her mate, but she wasn’t. That is what i had a hard time believing, i get that she is insane but if the bond is all consuming as i think it is, i just really had a hard time believing in some of her choices ANOTHER HUGE HUGE HUGE SPOILER (view spoiler)

Nox: I had some of the same things with Nox that I did with Destra, as much as i enjoyed him and trust me I did, there were just a few things that i was having a hard time understanding because his actions were so contradictory to what he was saying i also get that he is a little * a lot * insane as well, but i think there is more to his story anyways so I NEED TO KNOW!!! NNNNEEEEEEED to know 😉

Final Thoughts: You know what I think this book is awesome for the paranormal lovers, i think if you are looking for a good vampire novel that sticks with the original idea that they can’t go in the sunlight, but also are just amazing this is going to be the book for you. But definitely for paranormal lovers out there! This is where its at

(link to goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22918895-set-in-flames?ac=1 )