Title: Broken Prophecy (Broken Wings Book 3)


Author: Sandra Love
Cover Reveal: November 1st
Release Date: December 18th
Genre: YA Paranormal
Temporary Synopsis:
Cordelia and the gang are back for one last time. Cordelia
needs to fulfill the great prophecy to save her home country Ithaca and the
people that live there. Will she be able to save the people she loves? Or will
evil consume her?
Broken Prophecy (Broken Wings Book 3)

Cordelia Rose has a horrible
life. She gets bullied by students at school, beaten by her father, practically
abandoned by her mother, and wants to end her life and suffering. But when some
strange things start to happen, she questions whether or not she has a purpose
in this life.
Then she meets a brother and sister that means
more to her than she realizes. They are her protectors, and her kindred
spirits. Just like her, they are bruised and broken, though for different

When she finally discovers the truth of her
existence, her mind is jumbled with everything She has to take in; not to
mention the battle she has to fight inside and out.

Kaleigh had her heart

And now she wants revenge.

But that’s hard amongst the battle 

raging around her in

her home city of Ithaca.Add to that the fact that she’s a fallen angel

with a curse, and you’ve pretty much got the

time of her life….

But her new friend, Gabe,

may just make it the best time, too.

About the Author:
Sandra Love is a new to the
author world, publishing her first book in 2013. She currently lives in
Michigan, with her son and partner. Sandra is very lucky to have a sister
Amanda, who has been there with her through everything, including helping her
with the editing of her books. She is also very lucky to have her editor
Genevieve Scholl. Sandra has four cats, Stubby, Odin, Thor and Freya. She loves
to spend hours reading her favorite authors and writing. Her favorite genres
are Paranormal, supernatural and romance. Sandra’s first series of books
(Broken Wings) is a Supernatural romance. She currently has 3 books out,
Broken, Broken Hearts: Kaleigh’s Revenge and To Love Again. She is working on
book 3 of the Broken Wings Series; Broken Prophecy. It is due out later this
year or early next year. Her inspiration are Indie Authors. She loves and
adores them all.
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