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It isn’t everyday that a werewolf finds their mate but after two hundred years of waiting Tobias is more than willing to overlook Alexandria’s humanity and bring her into a world she never knew existed.

Eager to escape her father’s brutal fists, Alex lets her instant connection to Tobias overcome her natural reserve but she quickly finds his world is no less dangerous than the one she left behind.

As secrets come to light revealing how extraordinarily different Alex truly is, will their love survive or will his duty and her differences keep them apart?


My Review: 3 out of 5 stars


Werewolves. I love werewolves. I was so excited for this.

And then….

Well ….

Song Choice: “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “I and Love and You” by The Avett Brothers

First Thoughts: Soooo….like I didn’t hate this book, I had a few things (okay maybe more than a few) that I just couldn’t get over, and it really pulled me out of the whole reading experience and make me either yell at the characters, the book, or even scratch my head and go…huh? But see I wanted to love it, I really did, but ughhh I just couldn’t bring myself to. I really did like the action in this book and I was happy to see that I really, really was 🙂

Thoughts on Plot: so this book started off kinda awesome, and I was really excited about it, but about probably 15 maybe 20% into the book things started to um go downhill a bit.. alot… sort of. For me at least. I mean Tobias seems to want to do what is best for Alex, but I felt like he didn’t take in consideration her feelings, at all. Which seemed to really contradict the idea of the true mates in this book. With wolves that is to be expected, true mates I mean. I just had a hard time with it because it felt like half wanting to go with the grain, and do the natural wolf-true-mates thing, easy fall in love sort of ness, but the main girl (who apparently just decides things about herself) is slower to it, but not. I felt like this book was fighting between wanting to do the norm, to doing the unnatural, which is for werewolves mates to actually FALL in love with each other, so that we can see it. After awhile for me, it felt like it just dropped off and stopped trying, and just accepted the wolf-true-mateness. Again this could be completely all me. So that was a problem for me, because I just didn’t believe in their relationship as much as i feel like I should have…I think i would have been perfectly alright with just making them insta-love with each other because at least I had something to believe in. Anyways moving on from that, the tone seemed really proper and almost stiff at times which again made it a little uncomfortable to read? I am not sure…. So getting over that-ness, I liked the action that was presented in this book, the multiple use of different villains and what nots, it was interested and kept the book going. Oh the sexy scenes too? To me they felt really forced, and the first one felt REALLY out of place…and I was wondering what the hell it was doing so early in the book when the characters were in the middle of playing tug-a-war with their feelings (well Alex was at least)…..


Alex: Um…okay. Part of me liked her. Really liked her, she was survivor, but she didn’t see herself in that light, she was modest for the most part which was awesome. But she was walking contradiction. She didn’t want to see Tobias as a murderer but she had some very murderess decisions herself. She was shocked by some people’s actions which seemed odd as she did the same exact thing, essentially. I feel like we were always getting half of her and not all of her, I was waiting for her real personality to explode out…if that makes sense, for the most part I liked her, but she had very <= WTF moments? But thank god in the beginning she acted almost like a normal reasonable person, but there were a few moments in the beginning of the book that again she just decided these things upon herself. It almost felt like the author wanted to add that Alex had repressed memories, that would appear later making the reader go…ohh okay that is why she accepted it so easily…but that never happened and when it sort of did i didn’t believe/trust it much?

Tobias: Ummm…..I felt instead of a 300+ year old Prince, he felt more like a toddler who didn’t want people taking away his toy sometimes…Its weird like he is waayyyyy too protective, to the point its not sexy, its annoying and almost debilitating. Also I get he is a guy…I get he is a male, wolf in a human body, with a man as well, so lots and lots of wanting of the sex, but seriously i felt like that is all he wanted from her sometimes….and um WTF?! for their first time together, like together, together….? it was her first time, he knew that, but he just went …okay calming down… So while he wasn’t my favorite main man, he is not the worst i have read. He did have redeeming qualities

The Council: Is the council filled with the stupidest people they could possibly find? Also the least wolf-ish like males in the universe? Seriously I thought they were unnecessary and all of them were beyond stupid. I don’t even understand why the King had kept them…They are all horrible people, I can’t express how much I hate them, and they weren’t even the villains they were supposed to be the good guys?

The ending: It was good. Tied up nicely.

I honestly am not sure if I will be continuing on with the series.