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Born with the ability to command the wind, Nicole Bonham spends her life hiding her gift. Deciding to take control of her power, she dispenses her own brand of vigilante justice in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods. Stealth and surprise are always on her side.


Lash demon Gunnar prowls Earth and several supernatural realms to help maintain peace among the immortal species. His chance encounter with Nicole creates a hurricane of sparks between them, and he can’t let her out of his sight until he discovers her true identity. In his two hundred years, he has never seen a creature like her.


Nicole and Gunnar race to discover who – or what – is stabbing the city’s most destitute residents and stealing their blood. The fire that forged their bond explodes into white-hot passion, weaving their souls together on an unexpected level. Haunted by the past, Gunnar’s fiercely protective instincts battle with her need to defeat the creatures she was born to fight. As they track the mastermind behind the attacks, will Nicole’s unique talent unwittingly send her straight into his lair?

My Review: 4 out of 5 stars

I am conflicted.

Song Choice: “Swept Away” (Sentimental Version) by the Avett Brothers

First Thoughts:
There is the thing I really actually enjoyed this book, like a lot. BUT…Idk maybe I am being stupid but I felt almost like it was an erotica fighting to be more? I don’t sex scenes, but to me there were an overabundance, to an already very full story. Does that make sense? There was so much going on in this book, demons, elementals, a different realm, nay! multiple realms. And yet sometimes it felt like it was being pushed back for the MCs unsatisfied need for each other.

Thoughts on Plot:
Again maybe this is totally just me, probably it is. And here the thing, it wasn’t like the sex scenes were a bore to read, no, no, no they were hot, heavy, and oooh so sexy. But I think with SUCH a big plot and SUCH HUGE potential for a series that making the book focus a lot more on those sexy scenes it takes away from the story as a whole. Again maybe i am just crazy. Anyways I loved, loved how much this book opened this entire series. It started off fast, which if you know me, I love it when that happens, but idk I felt the pacing was a bit off, with all the sex scenes thrown into the middle of action scenes, things slowed it down. AGAIN – very nice sexy scenes, I guess i just felt it messed with the pacing. oh and seriously? (view spoiler) so okay, back to everything else, I loved the concept of these Demons and the different types of them!! omgosh soososo cool. I loved the other realm, I loved again how this book really opened up so many different possibilities. I really, really do enjoy the series where the next book is about a different couple (which i am assuming that is the case here). So excited. Anyways really there is a lot of action (both kinds) in here, and its very intriguing.


Nicole: I think she was a very interest, unique MC woman I have come across. She was very adventurous *wiggly eyebrows* if you know what i mean 😉 *disclaimer, I don’t read a lot *any* bdsm, I don’t read a lot of kinkier stuff either – I just don’t…I had an um…incident – let me just saying Kitty Thompson is not a good choice to start the whole bdsm reads ;), annnnnyyways! so this was kinkier for me* Back to it then! I really liked her, i think she was spunky and fun. I like that she was willing to stand up for herself, and not just give up because the big strong Demon man was there to save the day. She wanted to help, she was willing to put herself in danger – even against big strong Demon man’s wishes. I also really adore the fact she did something stupid – i love when characters do stupid things, it makes me really happy. Anyways ^_^ I did enjoy her.

Gunnar: He was…sexy. Yeah that definitely. He was sweet and caring, he honestly wasn’t what i was expecting at first. I was really glad how upfront he was, and also how protective he was. i was glad that he could see reason too. Anyhoops!! i super enjoyed his character, and just him in general.

Okay here it goes: My review is completely bias, maybe your preference is different than mine. I like more action – running around, things happening, adventuring, than I want more sex. I think this book was trying to do a mixture but for me it fell a little flat. I thought where was too much – albeit was hot hot hot, there was just too much and distracted me from the rest of the plot. But hey that is me. And i and I do want to continue on with the series. And I will. I am not putting up much hope that the other books will lean back a little less sex, but a girl can hope 😉 <– i am so weird i know.