Summary Via Goodreads: 

In the depths of the Louisiana swamps, clans of bear shifters roam freely. Hawke Turnclaw, the Alpha over all of his kind, is drowning in the legacy left to him by the Alpha before him, his own father. When he goes on a rescue mission to save a rogue Black bear from the clutches of a Grizzly clan, he finds more than just a Black bear, he finds his mate.

Echo has always been told she’s an anomaly, a fluke. She’s the only bear of her kind and that makes her a hindrance to her clan. She’s tried to run away, but they keep her tethered through guilt and a shock collar around her neck.

And then someone shows up claiming he’s her mate.
Now belonging to a new clan, will she ever be able to understand that she’s so much more than just a burden?


My Review: 4.5 stars out of 5


Hmmm…I’m torn

Song Choice: “Living of Love” by The Avett Brothers, “You Are the Moon” by The Hush Sound, “Forgive Me” by City and Colour

First thoughts: So here is why i am torn…This was was amazingly written, like the writing style, the voice, wonderful. I could fall in love with it because of that alone. I am a seasoned paranormal reader, but I never have read a strictly werebear (bear-shifter) never made that clear to be honest. Some authors a very particular about that. Anyways that doesn’t really matter. I was thrilled that I could finally read a full were-bear story, because most novels that are were-bears or bear shifters well they are eroticas, and I have said this a million times before, nothing wrong with sex, but i want some plot with my books. Anyways so i was thrilled to find this. And here is why i am torn…there wasn’t as much action as I am accustom to in paranormal reads.

Thoughts on Plot: So this starts out and I really liked how it started out because it starts out fast, we are thrown into action almost immediately, that’s sort of where it sort of ….pitters off I suppose. There is a lot of relationship development here, there is a lot of development for the clan who had a lot of problems before. Mysteries are uncovered, and sacrifices are made. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Echo and Hawke but I also was slightly unconvinced with the speed at which Echo accepted everything. but that is for later in characters. First back to plot! So I appreciated though that Lila took the time to develop their relationship and while they were fated mates they weren’t automatically supposed to fall in love. They have a few bumps in the road but it was interesting to see how they worked together. The ending picked up the action-y parts not as much as i thought, but there was some. I think that it wrapped things up pretty well.


Echo: (love her name by the way) anyways she was born into well what could techincally slavery for the Grizzly weres, while she is a black bear. Practically raised to believe there were no other kind of werebears out there, and she handles herself well outside of her slavery. I think that she was incredibly sassy and brave. I guess I wanted to believe it but i think her bravery happened a little quicker than what one would expect. Anyways I do like the person she becomes though. I like that she always has that insecurity until she really grows into herself.

Hawke: He is sexy. He was alpha male that is for sure without being too over-bearings (PUNNNNNNN) sorry…. anyways he was a really a good guy. I think he was trying to be the best Alpha and mate that he could be. I think that he was well written and I really did like him.

The endings: Good like i said things felt very wrapped up. I already started the next book and I am very interested in the next couple’s story.