Summary via Goodreads (and amazon – trust me I checked they are the same) 

There’s a werewolf hunter after Maysie LaRouga, her brother and her mom and the only safe haven for them is in Paskell.

My Review: 


Let me just state this: I love werewolves. I LOVE WEREWOLVES. I do, and its hard to find GOOD werewolf books, that aren’t just about sex. Seriously. I don’t care if there is sex in a book, I really, really don’t mind but when every werewolf book you come across is erotica finding an author who doesn’t do werewolf erotica, but does werewolf book is like nirvana.

I have actually read the first series that focuses in on this town, and also the Alpha pair in this book. I haven’t finished the series, personal reasons i rather not go into. I will eventually get to them I am sure, but for now I wanted to read this. I was a little worried about spoilers from the first series. I guess I have to say if you have no experience with the first series you wouldn’t worry about that, if you haven’t, honestly its been awhile but you do find out some things about Ava and Cyrus (the couple from the original series) So that is my thoughts on that.

First thoughts on this book: This was…good. But at the same time I felt it moved maybe a little too fast. I understand the laws of the werewolves in this book, when you find your true mate that is that. Why waste time…right? Idk I thought with the background that was given to Maysie that she caved too early. She was actually not exactly what i was expecting either, i will get to that soon though. I did like the idea of this book, but damn that summary doesn’t give you much to go on really. Okay here, I don’t like doing synopsis-es and yeah i can’t blame the author for not wanting to do it either, but two lines? that is not a lot to go off so here we go:

Maysie and her brother, Elijah, are separated from their mother when they decide to split up to lose her mother’s loser ex, who happens to also be a werewolf hunter. Maysie’s mother’s checkered past with men, has put Maysie in an untrusting position for men, but above all Alphas. Her mother taught her children one thing: Never trust an Alpha. When the siblings make their way to the werewolf town of Paskell, their lives are about to get turned upside down. The siblings make new friends, finally feel at home, and like they belong. Only a sexy Alpha, through and through Gideon sets his sights on Maysie. He knows that she is his and he will do anything to help her realize he only wants to love and cherish her. Will he win her trust and affections?

So there you go. Its not the best but its a little more to go off of.

Thoughts on Plot: Things again just moved odd. I read this really fast actually, I mean I stayed up until i could barely keep my eyes open still trying to read it. But things in the beginning set up so much, so much potential then it took forever for any action to really happen :/ The relationship between Gideon and Maysie too, was glossed over at first, then suddenly Maysie was going to give him a shot and she was already pretty much head over heels. Again, I get it. Werewolves, insta-love go together like peas in a pod. While I do love werewolves, when the true mates idea is done I do like it, but this, idk I wasn’t 100% committed to their relationship because of her past, and because I didn’t get to really see them grow together. Okay and the villain, we only scratched the surface, even though i felt there was so much more that could have been done in this book. I get it was a set up for a series but with the fact the romance was on the fast track, and everything else was moving a snail’s pace it just felt uneven to me. Does that make sense?


Maysie: She wasn’t really what I was expecting to be honest. When we first meet her she seems hard, and dangerous. She seemed very protective of not only herself but of her brother. That she would be willing to do anything to save them. And while that is true she was also very soft, and delicate. She was emotional – totally understandable – and sort of trusting even considering her past. I really liked that at first she did seem uncomfortable around Cyrus but unfortunately after their first meeting she seemed fine around men even though it seemed that from the little pieces we get of her past, she doesn’t and has no reason to trust men, especially werewolf men. I guess that was something else i really wanted to know more about her past, about the other pack she was from originally. She was 13 when they left, i would think she would remember her time there, maybe that is just me wanting to know and its not really relative to the plot.

Gideon: He had a pretty colorful past as well and i felt like a bomb was dropped on us about his past and then quickly glossed over, almost every time until Gideon and Maysie spent a little time together and actually talked. idk it was just a lot to take in and its just…idk. I did like him for the most part though, he was very sweet and knew what he wanted.

Sam: I wasn’t really sure how i felt about her to be honest (the mother). I was sort of annoyed with her, but i also wanted to know more about her. I wanted to understand why she was the way she was. I think if I keep going with this particular series i will learn, but for the most part her character in this almost seemed more crazy than protective. If we had the backstory (which if i go off of the one i made up for her) I could understand better.

So will I continue this series? Pro..bably? I guess it really just depends on where the series heads.