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Lanni Heegan is having a really bad day. Recently recovered from being mostly dead, she sets off to save War Advisor Arin Manus from an unsure fate at the hands of the traitorous Griffons. But what starts out as a rescue mission, soon has her in yet another mess. Will she have the strength to survive or will she need saving herself?

Arin Manus is also having a really bad day. Traded to the Orc’s, his rage over Lanni’s death and his own circumstances will not be tempered anytime soon. Or will it? Can he put aside his desire for vengeance and escape to fight another day or will he allow it to consume his broken heart and kill him…

Are either of them strong enough to combat the plans set in motion by the dark evil bent on ruling The Five Kingdoms? Do either of them have the necessary fortitude to fight the battles ahead? Or will they wallow in self-pity and give in to the ancient Prophecy that started it all…

Find out if Arin and Lanni can Save Their Broken Hearts in the continuing saga of Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My!…


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

^^ that is kinda how i look right now.

Second night in a row that I lost sleep to this woman fantastic writing. And now I have to wait until August to get the next one. I think not. TIME TO STALK….

oh wait…

Damn. I guess I will have to wait like everyone else *pouts*

Okay first warning: This is BOOK TWO of a Series!!! NOTE THAT PLEASE!! Because while I will not do spoilers for this book, there will possibly be spoilers from book one. Good? Good!

Song Choice: “I and love and you” The Avett Brothers, “Back to the Start” by Mr Little Jeans, “Atlantis” by Ellie Goulding

First thoughts: Welp this just blew book one out of the water, what a fantastic sequel! I can’t even…it was so amazing! I love that Margaret did the unexpected in this one, book one was full of unexpectedness but this, this was…just mind-blowing. I was granted a first a little disappointed with some of the choices, but in the end, I think it make the book so much better on the choices she made. I loved this book. I loved it and I want the next one, can i have the next one now? Because you know how everyone complained for book one having a cliffie, well hello edge of cliff, because THIS is a cliffhanger XD as with book one, the writing was fantastic, pacing amazing, characters superb, everything that a paranormal, fantasy reader will love I am more than certain of it. Honestly too, I don’t know maybe it because i am so well versed in paranormal, fantasy-ness, or maybe it because of my utter love these books but I would say this would be good for even beginner paranormal readers. (I think it might be because i am super in love with these books)

Thoughts on Plot: AHHHH Seriously

I LOVED THIS BOOK. So much. I am sorry if that makes my review seem a little bias, but its seems really hard lately to find really good, unique full out paranormal-ish fantasy or even urban fantasies that really bring on the action, the romance, the delightful characters. I love that we have expanded a bit more too, there are new characters we get to meet and I am damned excited about them. We experience it all in this book much like last one as well. There is heart, there is laughter, there is sad parts that made me want to scream to the heavens. I have to say this series, nay this author is utterly addicting and i am finding the only way i might possibly get over my book hanger-over from this series (while i “patiently” wait for the next one) is to check out her other books. okay, okay back to book number two. So I was super eager to start this, especially since the blurb was focusing on two of my favorite characters. So if you read book one you know everyone thinks that Lanni is dead, if you didn’t i warned you before I was going to do spoilers for book one, sorry!! Anyways so Lanni is pretty much on her own…well that is until she makes some new friends, and by good she is so sassy and i will get to her soon. I really loved her parts of the book i was so eager to get back to them and learn what she was up too. Arin’s parts of the book were so sad and my heart was breaking for him, but I loved every moment of it. So I really felt like Terra and Draven were pushed back for this book, they weren’t gone, they really reappeared at the end and holy adventure, action, awesomeness!! And new characters get spotlights as well, together all these formed a fantastic paced second novel that will keep you on your toes, your heart in your throat, and screaming like Anakin at the end of Episode Three in Stars Wars even though that was debt-ably the worst Star Wars
So you are going to look like this:

I cannot wait to get my grubby little paws all over the next one. Cause hot damn this series is fantastic ^.^


Lanni: She is so sassy, so smart, and so self-less in this book. I love her to death, I really do. She is becoming one of my top favorite Female MCs out there. I don’t know why but instantly clicked with her in book one, and this just grew my love for her. She makes some seriously hard decisions in this book, she does not have it easy, but never once does she back down or cower. She is a real trooper and I cannot wait to see what happens to her next.

Arin: So I mentioned how much I loved him in my first review. I still do but my heart broke a little for him in this book (a lot it broke a lot) and I was happy to see that he does get some happiness in this book as well. As we readers who read the first book know he is devastated to find out about Lanni’s “passing” but not only that is has been taken, and tortured, our poor handsome Chimera. He has a tough journey as well and I am happy to see he remained strong and true to himself.

Terra & Draven (yes i am doing them together): Both in this book I think grew from the last book and they wiggled their way into my heart. I really do love them together because they are so freaking cute! I think they are an amazing dynamite pair that will take the world by storm! 😉

Phara: I liked her and I really cannot wait to see where her story takes her but I am pretty sure i know where it might take her, and can i say, YAY!!!

Mithrin: Um…where did he disappear to? Sorry i had to ask. I really like him and I cannot WAIT to read more about him seriously! but where did he go?

Tollo: oh yes. I loved him. sooo cute!! (you will understand why this is short when you read this book (yes when!)

Rygan: Who we meet him at the very, very, very end of book one. He as quite a few surprises up his sleeve.

There is one more character but I don’t want to give anything away with her because she is a very mysterious and interesting character. She really truly was not what i was expecting, in a good way I promise

So here is the jist, i told you already the ending was…cliffhanger-y. and I want more. What more do you need? 😉