Summary Via Goodreads:

Something evil festers in the heart of Manhattan…

Months have passed since Addison Rhydderch’s epic battle in Central Park. After awakening to discover that he’s the new Regent, he’s tasked with protecting the fragile balance between the mundane and the supernatural. It’s a job that’s easier said than done, even with the aid of a sultry half-dryad who possesses unique talents of her own.

The attraction between them is immediate, powerful, and forbidden, but dark events have plagued Saraia’s nature spirit kin. To make matters worse, the fae are on the verge of war with the Magi, and there’s a murderer stalking the streets. It’s up to Addison to get to the bottom of the mystery, and they must work together to overcome the forces of evil that seek to overtake their world.

Can Addison and Saraia unite Manhattan against this new magical threat… or will the corruption claim everything that they hold dear?

My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

So those would probably be the most accurate GIFs that show my feelings on finishing this.
So if you take a gander down there at my status updates you will see this took me awhile…sort of
I marked it as currently reading it when I thought I would have time to read it… I did not, I had beta, ARCs, and books to write. So while I haven’t technically reading this for two months, I feel like I have because it just took me so long to give it the time it deserved. So personal victory. Now i bet you want to read more about the book and my thoughts on it verses my crazy….

Song Choice: “Hold Me” by Weezer, “Explosions” by Ellie Goulding, “One and Only” by Adele

First Thoughts: This is a beast of sophisticated writing, engaging, well-develop characters, and original plot. This was…epic. It was insane, while the story takes a while to unfold, things felt a little muddle here and there, I thought this was a detailed, entrancing read that will not only have you walk into the world, but clasp hands with you and pull you right in. There is no denying the world-building here. I felt at the beginning the book assumed we knew things, but we did learn, while I wouldn’t readily recommend this for first time paranormal readers because this was a very urban fantasy/paranormal read, I think its fantastic for those paranormal lovers who want to be really immersed in a world of paranormal, and be taken on a new journey.

Thoughts on Plot:

So I think i am going to break this up a little bit between the two main couples because with the couples I felt we were dealing with almost a different plot line (until they came together in a super epic way that even I didn’t see coming) but I mean they were always “together” ugh you know what if you want to understand my babbling just read the book, there :p

Addison & Saraia

So going into this book I originally thought this was going to be strictly about them, (i was wrong – as I usually am). I am not going to lie, I was incredibly confused at the prologue (maybe or was it the first chapter) but I quickly forgot about it as the book went on, then it came back around in the end. A lot of this story line does, it always comes back around in the full circle, in a way.
Which if you think about it, is insanely cool. The book was very well planned out, it definitely never felt to me like, OH HEY let’s go this way with it, I felt like while at times I wasn’t sure where the book was going, I wasn’t entirely sure what they were “up against” I think though it was being unveiled for us as it was being unveiled for the characters, we never knew more than them, which I think worked well with how they decided to write the book which was limited third person(ish) I felt like the narrator had almost had its own distinctive voice. okay so back to the story while there were times i felt like we were moving slowly, there were other times it was moving fast, lots of action, well written fight scenes, well described creatures. Adds, and Saraia’s relationship to me started off a little odd, i felt the sexual tension right away, and they (foolishly) tried to deny it, and be friends (silly peoples) anyways a lot of their relationship started off through adventures and trying to bridge their worlds together. I found that I liked how real their relationship felt, it wasn’t automatic love, sure there was lust, but they grew together, we got to see them on dates, see them fight, and ultimately see them as they plainly are.

Noah and Livvie

They’re adventures were tamer. I think personally Noah was one of the best characters ever written, ever. I will get to that in a bit though. I enjoyed the development of their relationship as well, i thought it was beyond adorable and surprisingly different from Adds and Rai’s. Which honestly is beyond awesome. So anyways back to their story-lines Liv has a little secret, secret even she doesn’t know about 😉 there is a lot that I can’t talk about for them because of spoilers but make sure you got your “awwww” face on when reading their parts because

Okay so then all the other characters plotlines – i felt we were dipping our toes in a lot of them, can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. *cough Lachlan cough, cough, cough*


Addison: He was…complex. He was different than i was expecting, he was full of contradictions that i found endearing and intriguing, while he was a womanizer, he cared more for saving his money then sending it. I guess stereo-typically i think when a richer man, who is a womanizer would be flashy and spend money like it was well nothing because for him it really wasn’t. But he wasn’t like that, well he was a womanizer but i think that he went into relationships having the other person know that it wasn’t meant to be more than a few good rolls around the sheets then leave before I wake sort of thing. It didn’t make him a bad guy at all because he truly did care for the people he was looking after, and while he repeatedly said he didn’t care much for his title nor did he want it, he worked hard to fix the mistakes of the old regent. Anyways moving on from that, he was an animal lover!!! no man who is an animal lover can be a bad guy! I think he was a very complex character, and very well written

Saraia (i seriously hope i have been spelling that right): She has a little secret, secret of her own, don’t worry you find out pretty quick. At first i thought she was going to be a passing character, she didn’t really turn out how I originally thought she was going to be. I don’t know why i thought she was this dainty little flower, I really, really don’t know. Anyways don’t think she is because she isn’t. She is tough as nails, totally kickass, and totally kicks ass, she is strong and very awesome. I enjoyed her character. I think she was a good match for the serious-ness that Adds exudes. I think they were somewhat opposite but they were both passionate and willing to fight in what they believed in.

Noah: Omgosh, seriously? One of the best characters i have ever read. Not because of his totally bad-assery as a fucking cowboy in the city, but no he was so well written I just can’t get over it. So amazing ladies, so amazing. He had an adorable stutter that only showed up sometimes, he was just really well written out. I think it might be because its rare to see a male character like him, one that is sweet, willing to take things slow <— enforcing the slowness, he was just awesome. I really can’t get over it. So if for no other reason, please read this just to read about Noah

Liv: she was funny, sweet, and tough but not that overly annoying tough you know? The I can’t do anything on my own even though you can’t and you will get over your head tough, or the I don’t need anyone but me tough either. Okay enough about the toughness of her. XD


I’m not obsessed. Not at all.

Jean-Luc (is that right? I hope so) SO INTRIGUED!!!

The ending:
Okay this is going to be a bit longer than usual. I felt like things really started to open up at the end, if that makes any sense. I felt like this is were most of the action really happened, and where we were really growing into the world, and exploring a whole new place. I think that these ladies are going to do amazing with the rest of the series and I am excited to move forward.

Note on writing: Two authors wrote this –> you are going to have to remember that because I don’t even know how they did it. I can’t even fathom that, at all. Seriously utterly seamless and just amazing.