Title: My Soul For You
Author: Morgana Phoenix
Release Day: June 8, 2014
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You are cordially invited to have your heart’s desire come true.

For Kaitlin Claremont this is a very tall order. What wouldn’t an orphan girl living over of her aunt’s shop wish for? But when her one night of passion in the arms of sexy and completely out of her reach Kaleb turns into a nightmare, Katie realizes quickly that nothing is as it seems and there is so much more to Kaleb O’Reilly than she ever bargained for.

Kaleb has his own demons and even with all his training, he’s not prepared for the brown-eyed beauty, nor can he deny he wants her in a way that very much complicates everything. But what happens when the hunger wins and his true purpose puts Katie at risk? Can he protect her from his mistakes? And can Katie protect those she loves from a monster with no mercy?

Time is running out.
Will they kill or be killed?






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Author Bio
Morgana Phoenix is the sinister form Airicka Phoenix takes in the cloak of night where she compels her victims to burn the midnight oil reading tales of mystery, danger and steaming romance.

On weekends, she bakes cookies and watches reruns of Supernatural.

For more, visit her lair… If you dare:

My Review:

*fans self*

This was excellent. Another winner by Morgana/Airicka Phoenix. I really freakin’ loved this ❤

First and only Warning: This was an ARC given to me in exchange for an honest review, and that is what I do. So YAY! moving on to the good stuff

Song Choice: “Latch” by Disclosure, “Draw Your Swords” Angus & Julia Stone

First thoughts: HOT HOT HOT, WOW, WOW, WOW. Seriously *fans self some more* Airicka always writes those smexy, but always classy make out scenes now with her naught alter-ego we get so much more, and really who doesn’t like a dirty talking man…OHHH TALK DIRTY….no I am not picking that song, never mind….So on top of just being hot, there was that fun chemistry between all the characters, and tension building up until the very end!!! AHHH AND WHAT AN ENDING

Thoughts on Plot: So my whole little like oh i don’t read a lot of contemporary should got here but apparently that would be a lie, i have been reading more and more of it lately, but i don’t have a HUGE extensive knowledge on it. I am paranormal, fantasy, scifi, dystopia girl, but that is okay because when a contemporary fiction not only drags me from my comfort zone, and forces me to read until im finish i call that a win. So i am going to call this a win. Airicka and i have this thing going on, i guess whats going on, she proves me wrong, almost every single time, and i was sort of right but it took me until the very end of the book to get my guess right about one small aspect of this book, so what am I saying? i am saying this: Don’t try to guess, just sit back and enjoy the ride. There are twisties and turnies you won’t even be sure you are upright because she will have you looking over your shoulder thinking its him, ORRR IS IT?!?!?!

The romance was sexy as Airicka does, and it was amped up as Morgana does 😉


Katie: Was a very strong-willed, independent young woman. I guess the only tinnie-est, tiny-est, thing that bothered me was that she was still in high school, she was 18 – she is legal, but ehhh i felt slightly uncomfortable at first, i got over it. Anyways so moving on from that…. Katie was a very strong MC i really liked that she wasn’t about to let a man define her, but she was very open to her relationship with Kaleb, not the annoying like i don’t need a man so i won’t date you even though i like you ness. no she owned up to her feelings and i appreciated that. I really liked how she fought to know things about him, and didn’t just accept him for his pretty face (because he had a very, VERY pretty face). Over all she was pleasure as Airicka is apt to write her women MCs.


^^^^PUDDING read the book and find out what i mean 😉

Sexy male MC as to be expected with Airicka yet again, and heightened, MAN, nothing quite does it like dirty talk. ….tmi right? Welp whatevers. Anyways I really loved him and he has quite a few secrets of his own though i wished that Katie would have pushed harder i also understand why she didn’t and yeah. Seriously though men like him, i wish they existed, he was beyond generous, and always had wonderful surprises, he cared so deeply, and *swoons*

Larson: LOVE ME SOME LARSON, yeah i want him.

The ending: Very satisfactory, i was freaking out thinking this wasn’t a standalone for a hot second but it is, and its a wonderful ending, so yay!!! ❤