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Summary provided by Goodreads:

Ava Paskell is not your normal young woman. She’s twice as strong as girls her age and she has a problem controlling her emotions. When her dad insists they spend the summer together in a small, strange Canadian town, she knows her life is about to change. But one of the biggest life changing moments is meeting Cyrus Carlston. The powerful bond they share from the very beginning scares her as much as it thrills her. As her life is put in danger and she gets closer an closer to the truth, one thing is clear, Ava’s dreams are about to become her reality.









4.5 Big-Red Stars… I’m not obsessed

First of all, I want to thank my friend Becca for recommending me this book
This book was superb! So, the book was about Ava (who doesn’t have a clue about her heritage) going with her father, Henry, to the Paskell pack (where their family lives). Henry was part of that pack when he was just a pup, however, because of the strict laws that Henry’s father impose to all werewolves Henry decided to run for his life make his life somewhere else, and give Ava her best chance. They think they will stay for just a few days, but after seeing how the people reacted towards them, Ava isn’t sure anymore about staying even a day.

“I hate drama with a passion and I definitely don’t go in for love triangles.”
You go, girl!
Ava was a pretty cool character because she was down to earth. Of course, she was raised in the “human” world, so her thoughts are kind of different from the wolves’ laws, but that’s what the town needed desperately… A spark to begin the change, and that’s why I like her so much. Also, she knew how to defend herself and wasn’t afraid to speak up how she felt.

I think that Cyrus was really cute, he remind me of a sick-love puppy. He wanted to change the laws of his pack because he knows women are just as important as men. He wants to fight for equality, and, need I say more? He’s just my kind of guy. Besides, his dialogues about love had me all

Big Red:
Can I have him for my birthday?
You could smell his alphaness (is that even a word(?)). I wish he could have his own book because this guy… MY GOODNESS! Swoon worthy all the way. *freaking out* I think he deserves a standalone with Yvonne because they were one my favorite couples without a doubt. I need a book about them! Or more description about their relationship!

Ben and the others:
Well, obviously, I hated them with a passion. They’re all dictators! That’s what they were!

Overall, I really loved the book, the characters, plot, everything!
If you like paranormal, a good story with character development, hot-werewolf guys and so on… this book might be for you.