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Summary via Goodreads:

A conversation with a stranger changes Amelia Hamilton’s life forever. When she learns her grandfather faked his own death, normalcy slips from Amelia’s grasp. To make matters worse, he is coming for her in less than seven days. What she hasn’t determined is why.

Amelia’s grandfather, Marius Benedict, once headed The Physician Coalition, an elite group of doctors who threw the Hippocratic Oath out the window. Years ago, they used a low-risk medical research study as a front for their experiments. Without their consent, innocents were injected with JackRabbit7, a hazardous substance used to alter their DNA. The victims were left with less-than-desirable super-human powers or excruciating death. Years after he disbanded the group, Marius has a new plan and is reforming The Coalition.

Max, a mysterious stranger from the Insurance Agency, offers to help keep Amelia safe. He introduces The Agency as an underground government organization that contains and eliminates those who intend to harm the world. To protect The Agency, the truth of their activities are concealed and replaced with sugar-coated stories in the media.

Over the course of the next week, Amelia has to accept the truth and learn who can be trusted. At midnight on her 23rd birthday, a contract between The Coalition and The Insurance Agency will expire, giving Marius full rein to approach his granddaughter and finish the project he started with her so many years ago


My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)

After my friend told me, “BECCA YOU NEED TO READ THIS” I was like…sure okay. 😉
Now I’m the one saying “[insert name here] YOU NEED TO READ THIS”

Song Choice: “Murder in the City” by the Avett Brothers, “No Sound but the Wind” by the Editors

First thoughts: So I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started this, was it vampires (the graveyard cover), was it superheroes (something from the description), was it a heavily influenced romance? (comments my friend made ;)) WHAT TO EXPECT, WHAT TO EXPECT. Well here is a run down: Expect the unexpected. Expected to be blown away by the writing, the twist that you just didn’t see happen, and the twist maybe were expecting a little but in your head you are just going….noooooo, nooooo, but its so true. Expect: Greatness.

Thoughts on Plot: So I will admit when i first opened this up on my kindle and saw the syringe and mosquito i wanted to message my friend and go, “Wtf??” First off mosquito aside from the common house fly (or moths…moths are scary as hell) are the MOST HATED BUGS EVER….EVER. And currently my house is being taken over by them, swarms of them….so imagine my distaste for them. And syringes? Nothing good comes from that. I moved on, I ignored it and realize how much of a powerful play they both take in this book. So its a bit (hahaha understatement of the year) of a mystery, this read. First off wondering who all these new players are, not to mention how can one girl’s life go to shit so fast?! anyways….so in the midst of Amelia’s life going to shit, new information is being provided. Here is the thing, pay very, very close attention if you do you might catch onto a few things i started to catch on. I was intrigued by the whole idea of this book. An evil grandfather, doing evil experiments! Superpowers, hot angry male?! COUNT ME IN! Though i will admit these “superpowers” aren’t as AWE-inspiring as i was expecting like, no one has super strength, but these I guess now reflecting on it i wouldn’t call them super powers, i would call them curses. They aren’t meant to help the person who lives with the affliction. So to find out the whole mystery you will have to stay up until 3 am like me, and then wake up early to finish it as fast as you can. Oh and the emotions ❤ <— there is my heart you can take it now….


Amelia: She i don’t even know how she is standing. A week this book takes place in, a week, not only does her life sort of suck after the first day, but its turned completely upside down almost every single day and she was still standing. I was amazed she didn’t freak/go into shock more often, she did once, which it was warranted, trust me. she wasn’t weak and I hate that is how Nick seemed see her as. I will get to him in a moment. Anyways she does do a few silly things but i like it more when characters do that, makes it all the more interesting, but i think she handles her situation very well, honestly i wanted to shake her for not freaking out more.

Nick: While my friend is in love with him, I think i still need some more convincing which i am sure in time will happen. Here is the thing though Nick thought he had a hard life, yeah he does from the glimpses we got, i can see that, but he isn’t the only one that had a hard life and I don’t think it was far how harsh he was on Amelia, but i do understand why he was as well. Either way i am eager to read more about him he seems like a complex character.

Max: Was interesting to say the least. That is all i am going to say because I don’t want to give anything away. ^.^

Villain: WOW. O.O even i would be quaking in my boots.

The ending: Definitely good, I want more!!