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Trinity had an ordinary life. That is, until she barely escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague that took her loved ones from her and transformed most of humanity into flesh-eating monsters.

Gerik, her savior, a six-foot-four-inch Scandinavian Gypsy, takes her back to his magically protected Gypsy camp where she discovers a whole new way of life that she never knew existed – as well as a whole new set of problems.

Gerik has power over her that she cannot begin to understand, and she is convinced he is using his magic on her. Through her journey of trying to understand her feelings and this new magic-filled life she’s been brought into, she begins an unlikely friendship that grows into having potential to be something more.

While the remaining humans are fighting for their survival, Trinity is fighting a battle of her very own – the right to choose her own destiny.

Is Gerik’s hold on her too strong? Or can new love set her free?



My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

How…why…What…why would….


Now that I am done screaming….

Song Choice: “Latch” by Disclosure, “Stay High” by Tove Lo

First thoughts: okay so to be honest what I am left with is, this: near about 60%-ish through the book I am sitting here wondering…why the need for the apocalyptic world? Could have easily been fashioned so that you didn’t need it. And then about 85/90% through it became more clear why. Not that I hated it, by no means did I. It was just a question I had. For the most part i didn’t give to two thoughts because I was so wrapped up with the rest of the story, and damn what a story it was ❤

Thoughts on Plot: Well I loved this. It was super good. Though I do want to warn you there is a love triangle, but here is the thing, somethings to me felt really and i mean REALLY forced, I understand why now. I love it. It was maybe unintentional but I am going to say it wasn’t and it was used very cleverly. I didn’t find myself falling for both guys going, awww who is she going to possible CHOOOOOOOSEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?! nope. I knew coming right out the gate who I wanted. but before I get ahead of myself. This is based in an apocalyptic world, which we have no idea how or why it became like this, all we know are there are “skin eaters” *cough vampires *cough* who hunt humans for food – *cough* VAMPIRES *cough*. But at the very end we thrown a glimpse to the day that Trinity was born and the world seemed fine and dandy then, that is what I think I really brought up why the apocalyptic world? Sure it made things a little easier to explain, but I feel like unless (and i am sure its going to play a bigger part in the next books I hope!!) do it? So set aside those questions why reading this my friends, which i am sure you will anyways i know I did. I was so caught up with what was happening between Trin, Xan and Gerik I didn’t even care. The Gypsy culture was brought into this, annnnddd okay time to admit my guilty pleasure…. mybigfatgypsywedding….so sue me! actually don’t I don’t have a lot of money and i need it. I kept comparing this story to what i knew, and I think for the most part it was there, but also not, but to me it was okay because they had to adapt. Anyways the story over all, I thought was going to be done (wanted to be done) at 75% not because I wasn’t enjoying it, no I just didn’t want anything bad to happen. (it did or didn’t…) nothing too horrible i promise. Anyways – awesome movement, awesome original story, i highly recommend this!! ^.^


Trin: Okay here is where I was kinda iffy about aside from my whole need to know why we had to place it in an apocalyptic world. I liked her, but I also didn’t. There were a few times i was just dropping my jaw going, seriously bitch if you are okay with this we are done! DONE!! I have ONE RULE, ONE! No, and I mean NO cheating! yes like on a special someone…cheat on a test for all i care. And she never did it, no it was the boy she thought she was in looovee with, sort of. But our girl is smart, she doesn’t want a magic induced love, and while I saw this not only as a breaking away from that ideal soul mate rule, where you meet eyes falling in love two seconds after, I appreciated that Trin was fighting it. That she had the balls to. She grew, she always grew in this book and I really freaking loved that. I loved that she wasn’t willing just to fall into the blue eyed, blond (never trust a blond) viking built man (seriously she has major control) so with all that said, she did annoy me sometimes, i will admit that but in the end i saw the growth in her, her willingness to change, and be better so yes I did actually like her more than she annoyed me.

Xan: There aren’t enough words to describe how sexy this man his. HOLY HOT DAMN, not only does he have dreadlocks (oh yeah I am one of thooosee girls 😉 ) but he also ugh damn smokin hot bod, with a bad ass attitude. A chip on his shoulder? Yeah but it makes him perfect for Trin, i saw it the first moment they sparred with words. omgosh this man is swoon-fucking-worthy. I loved it. seriously I did. Such an amazing character

Gerik: With him things felt forced, things felt unnatural, and sort of like the author wanted me to really like him but I just wasn’t buying that. I am not sure if her intention was to actually have me fall for him but I just wasn’t. Either way i really liked how i was reading it, which was this: it was supposed to be uncomfortable, etc.

The other characters: omgod there were a lot. honestly i was getting a little confused with all the names, and stuff but its okay i dealt.

Ohhh there is one thing i wanted to hit up on! There is flashbacks to a different time…. seriously I might just be really slow but it took me awhile to catch on what was happening, but i got it eventually so i am sure you will too 😉

The ending: I think we went over this…. off i go to amazon to get book two, later kiddie cats