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Summary Via Goodreads:

What must it take for a devoted Skin Walker Sentry to find his angel? York McDonnough is willing to sacrifice everything for a mate he doesn’t have. While his fellow Walkers fear the idea of being tied to one female for life, York longs for it. Dejected and heart sick, he accepts a retrieval mission that takes him far from home and brings him face to face with his long-awaited fate. The instant York sees Sky, the Walker affliction sets in and melts the ice that has hardened his heart. York’s mission shifts from retrieval to rescue when Skin Walker enemies attempt to take York’s mate before he can even touch her. Willing to die for her, he’s more eager to kill to protect her.

Sky Brookes is searching for her sister in a foreign land when she’s abducted by a handsome stranger. York claims he’s rescuing her, but last time she checked white knights didn’t drug the damsel in distress and haul them off. Besides, Sky’s too tough to need anyone’s help. She’ll find her sister on her own even if York refuses to leave her side. Cocky and independent, Sky’s got it all figured out until she encounters a strange species that mistakenly think she’s the key to something called Skin Walker procreation. Reluctantly, she’ll have to rely on York for protection. When Sky discovers that York is a Skin Walker, her fear and anger threaten to take her from York before he’s even had a chance to claim her.

My Review:

5 out of 5 stars


I have been DYING for York’s story since we were introduced to him in Conn’s which was technically the first released in this series. I know Susan did some changing around with the order, which is fine, but whatever. SIX BOOKS LATER AND I WAS NO DISAPPOINTED (nor i am ever going to stop reading Susan’s stuff)

Song Choice: “Atlantis” by Ellie Goulding, “All Of Me” by John Legend

First thoughts: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! this is what I have been waiting for!! I loved that action, the romance, I love that this wasn’t like the other boys who were all pouty about having found their angel, York who so deserved one forevers finally got his girl!! AHHH YAY!!! I am so happy for him its a bit ridiculous….of course the whole time I kept muttering…he should have been mine…and he should have been mine. 😦 *pouts*
Thoughts on Plot: EEEP!! I have missed the action in these series and boy did I get it in this one!! Not only do old enemies appear, but new creatures show up and damn if I don’t want to know more about them, to find out if they are allies or enemies, if they are allies, are they getting their own series? if they are enemies are they getting their own series? 😉 The romance between York and Sky wasn’t rushed nor did it feel forced. I really yeah… I love York, and omgosh!! He is a dirty talker!!! TMI….SORRY. Anyways excellent it moved really well, and I couldn’t put it down! well besides when i WASN’T 😉 reading it at work and had to set it down to take care of costumers even then i wanted to pick it right back up and continue on!!!


York: well if you haven’t caught on I am in love with this man, I have been forever, I mean what more do you want? Not only is a sweetheart, but he has a tragic past, but it doesn’t define him, he is a flaming red-head, built, tattoos, originally from Ireland, did I meant dirty talker? MOTHER OF ALL THINGS JUST GIVE HIM TO ME ALREADY!!!

Sky: If you don’t know is Shy’s twin sister, and like most twins (i can honestly say this because i am a twin) is nothing like her twin, they just happen to look a lot a like. Sky is bad-ass and isn’t afraid to admit that she can and will take care of herself, but she also knows when she is over her head which i appreciate. She has insecurities and I loved her all the more for it because it made her feel really, real to me. I really liked her as an MC

The ending: Awesome.
also REDKNIFE NEXT?!?!?! YES??!?!?! YES?!?!?!?! YESSSSS!!!!!