Summary via Goodreads:

One thing set Lydia Shaw and her store apart from the other antique shops in town…
Lydia’s collection was plagued by curses, and it was her duty to break them.
Rachel, Angie, and Jo knew nothing about their aunt’s secret life. In fact, they didn’t even know she owned an antique shop, until they inherited it. Unfortunately for them, Lydia passed down more than just her store. The sisters are the proud new owners of countless deadly curses, buried under centuries of dust.
Lydia also left behind her apprentice, Peter. He does everything he can to protect the girls, as they explore their new store, unaware of the dangers it hides. In spite of his efforts, Rachel finds herself obsessed with opening a strange trunk, Angie has vivid dreams, haunted by a man who claims he needs her help, and Jo’s imagination starts to run wild.
When one of them falls victim to a curse, it’s up to Peter and her sisters to save her. But, if Peter can’t teach them to wield a magic, that he barely understands himself, she’ll be the first one to die.

My Review:

4.5 stars

So this was like Warehouse 13… but better

Song Choice: “Murder in the City” by the Avett Brothers, “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy

First thoughts: so like i said already this is like Warehouse 13 but better. if you don’t know what warehouse 13 it is a awesome sci-fi show, you should check it out, after checking out this book. So the thing that made me drop my rating just a bit is a very personal thing and i am trying to figure out myself but i think i know what it is but its a big deal.

Thoughts on plot: So i thought this was pretty unique and interesting to read about. It took me awhile to catch on what the little bit before each chapter was about, but i got it eventually 😉 I liked the idea of the runes, but i think I wanted to learn even more about them, I feel in this book we were scratching the surface which i get it, and makes sense since it is…the first in a series… anyways there are a lot of unanswered questions that i wanted to be answered, and i am drooling for the next one so i can learn those secrets. I was pretty alright with the structure of the book, being that it was sort of third person limited…sort of. It jumped between four no five characters which normally that really bothers me because i feel like i get lost in the story but since they were centered in the same area so its okay with me. I didn’t feel like i was being jerked around in other people’s head or anything like that. Overall the story was interesting with lots of mysteries even for those who were supposed to know what was going on. The heat between Peter and Rachel was there, and I am still figuring out Ethan and Angie, we shall see. OH! So back to the five people pov thing, it made it really hard for me to decide who is this story was written for, and I am all for people having it about more than one character. But at the same time I felt a little stretched thin here and i was looking for two to focus in on, and I guess I had a hard time because I read an excerpt (which was awesome) but it was in Angie’s POV so i immediately thought it was for her. but that is me. And im slightly insane…no i am.


Rachel: So I felt this book was a little more for her than it was for the other sisters, but I mean it was for them all as well…ughhh whatever moving on. Rachel was the oldest sister and a history buff, she was a good balance of her sisters, part creative, part logical. i think that she was an interesting character and I look forward to seeing more from her. I can’t say too much about her because well spoilers 😉

Jo: She was a peach! So fun and I felt so bad for her too 😦 I really hope that my gut feeling isn’t right but i think there is something else about her, we get to see her and she is the fun sweet little sister who is really just a peach. I liked her and her adorable whims and what nots.

Angie: She was the logical sister that doesn’t like anything but cold hard facts. I didn’t find her annoying though because it was obvious she cared about her sisters and she was willing to do almost anything for them. She was a really good character, person, sister.

Peter: What a cutie. I wasn’t sure if I should think of him as sort of geeky, or sort of like foot-bally with the muscles and what nots, so I mushed them and he was a combo of the two. I really liked him and i get that this was hard for him.

Ending: I need more. that is all.