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A copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Might contain minor spoilers, proceed with caution 😉

Plot: I enjoyed the storyline even though the book was slow-paced for me. I think the main ideas were pretty interesting so I’m kind of frustrated they weren’t being expanded further. It was pretty interesting how the author involved the soul reapers, the council, and Heaven or Hell in this situation. I haven’t read lots of reapers books, but I can say this one has its original twists and turns.

Characters: I’m just going to describe the main ones because I don’t want to spoil anything.

Regan (pretty cool name by the way):

She’s a college freshman, and considers herself a very independent young-woman. Her life hasn’t been easy, her mother is emotionally detached from her since Regan’s father abandoned them many years ago. So, of course, after these constant ups and downs in her life she decides to move to Georgia wanting to find a fresh-start. However, her dreams are short-lived when a man, called Agro, send Exiles to kill her off.

A huge part of my rating has to do with the characters because while the plot was interesting I just couldn’t relate to the main protagonists. A super-important thing because we see their world through their eyes. Regan, yes, had a difficult childhood that made her be very independent, however, her decision-making skill were pretty low. She had that stubborn personality that often used to portray kickass heroins, but with Regan this made her seem as a kid. I really liked that she didn’t believe the boys right away, but I just didn’t understand why or how she was instantly attracted to Colter when he treated her worse than a potato sack.


“I told you Princess, I’m always right.”

He’s a collector of lost souls working for a council where souls can go either to heaven or hell. Since the beginning, he acted like, well, a…

It is explained why he acts that way and I really tried to understand his motives, but I consider he didn’t have to act like this. The explanation didn’t justify his actions towards not only Regan but the whole group. This job isn’t new for him at all, I mean, Regan’s case is different only because someone wants to kill her before her time, but he should be used to this job. Isn’t there a policy about not mixing emotions with the job? How could he be mad to a girl who didn’t know what was happening with her? He should grab all that bad energy and used it to act like true leader instead.

Overall, the story was pretty good but I’m afraid it was being sheathed by Regan and Colter’s love-hate relationship. Plus, characters threw constant tantrums instead of being productive, and Regan’s thought were at some point unbearable. As stated before, I couldn’t connect with Regan nor Colter, but I really liked the boys when they weren’t fighting with each other being a team trying to protect Regan from the Exile’s.