“I want to know if he really wants me, cares for me. If
marriage is a part of that, then it will come, but love and marriage are not synonymous. Every Pakistani girl knows that already.”


A Pakistani girl who took care of her mother for six years while her elder sister had already move on with her life. After all those years, Rumi’s mother dies and Mahira, Rumi’s friend, sets up a meeting so Rumi can get to know Ahad because Mahira wants to help Rumi to be happy by a man’s side.

Rumi, just like Mahira, had strict parents about certain things. However, Rumi’s parents were more open-minded than Mahira’s. The “problem” starts when Rumi starts to go out with Ahad and Juveria, which is Rumi’s sister, doesn’t approve of him because he isn’t from their religion or culture.

Owns a small publishing firm, and is the mc character in this book. Since the beginning, Ahad feels attracted to Rumi, and even though he wasn’t sure about starting a relationship with a girl from Pakistan. With time, he starts to fall in love until he cannot help himself but wanting to be with Rumi.

This book has a few Urdu words in it, but don’t worry, most are explained in the notes at the back of the book. Also, there are some misspelled words but overall it was a great reading.

It had a good pace considering this was a short novella. Overall, characters were pretty relatable because they struggled with things that we might not see everyday, but are still happening around us. Trying to decide who you are and what you want to I’m your life is not a crime. Nevertheless, I did understand Rumi’s struggles between her social life and culture. It wasn’t easy but I do think it was worth the ride.