Summary Via Goodreads:

Hired to find a curse box, the draconian mercenary, Ulric Dra’Kai, is directed to seek out the human Charlotte Mulligan who’ll lead him to his ultimate goal. Expecting to get information from her with ease, Ulric instead meets a determined mortal who refuses to be intimidated—and draws him in like no other.

As that attraction grows, he comes to believe Charlotte may be his destined mate, but there’s a problem—he’s immortal, making that impossible. Answers could possibly lie in the dormant supernatural side of Charlotte’s lineage, but getting them proves difficult when vampires are out for her blood.

Charlotte thought she was an ordinary human living an average life until receiving an odd package in the mail containing a unique trinket box. Soon after, she’s attacked by vampires and swept up in a hunt by a dangerous but attractive stranger who not only reveals the truth of the supernatural world, but also informs her that she’s a part of it.

Trying to survive while her life is coming apart, a passion for the draconian protecting her sparks to life, one she has to guard her heart against when being mortal makes a union between them difficult, if not impossible.

My Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Oh…wow. So its been a very long time and many book between since I have read the first book in this series, but I have to admit, THIS WAS A MILLION TIMES BETTER ❤ I really liked the first one, but I LOVE this one. Though i will admit I have to give it an over all of 4.5

Warning-ish? So this is technically the second book in the Crucible Series but I really don’t see any reason you could skip right into this one? Idk there is a bit of connection from book one to this one but I honestly got along with it pretty well but I got along pretty well and like i said its been quite some time since i read book one.

Song Choice: “I’ll Be Waiting” Adele, “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar

First thoughts: So in book one I couldn’t explain how much i wanted both Ulric’s and Issac’s stories, I wanted them so bad, and YAY one down, one to go! I really liked this one, I enjoyed it a lot more than book one – I think that Angela really stepped up her game in this book. This was well paced (well for the most part i will get to that later) The characters were interesting, the romance, and everything else – well lets just say


Thoughts on Plot: So I bet you are wondering what I mean when I said that the plot was a well paced for the most part, I truly believe that. The book moved extremely well, i stayed up until 2 am reading the first 3/4s of this book, then when i kept expecting something to happen, nothing did, and while it disappointed me because i am crazy i understand that a book can’t always be go, go, go, but something happened before i thought it would and i was preparing myself for it to be finished, does that make sense? So when it didn’t I got a little stuck in this feeling like, um…is this supposed to be done? But im weird, and it did pick up again. So i really did enjoy how this one moved compared to the first, i think i remembered i had issues with the pacing of the first book. BUT this was so awesome, suspenseful, mystery, up also enough information given to you that you weren’t going like, huh? And that ending, damn caught me off guard! I did not see that coming, and ways there were a few things i saw coming but i am cool with that. I really just enjoyed it over all I really liked the new type of paranormal in this book well sort of, well her take on them and i really enjoyed how it all came together at the end – very smart, very awesome


Ulric: The sick, sadistic side of me was hoping for more of a detailed look into his past. But that is me being weird again. I really liked the beginning Yules (his nickname) he wasn’t playing around he, was fighting his feelings and remaining true to who he wanted to be. I did appreciate the change of him when he was with Charlotte, I suppose if i had seen more of him separate from Charlotte, and seen him then because of the change of him from the beginning to the end. Anyways him, he was Alpha male and who doesn’t like that ^.^

Charlotte: She was a lot stronger than i was expecting, i don’t know why i kept thinking she would be this weak little thing but she wasn’t she was very feisty, loyal, willing to do what she had to do. She was also smart, she wanted to think things through, she didn’t just jump right in when Ulric was like – you be mine! because that is how it is, she does take time to learn more about him, about herself, which was an interesting and refreshing change. I really did enjoy that ^.^

Issac: Still love him, want more. hehe

So the ending: Goood stuff. I’m really excited for the next book