Summary Via Goodreads:

The year is 2042 and the world has been consumed by water.
Those who survived the great floods of 2012 clung to the debris of the Old World from which they rebuilt their lives.
Pym Maddox thought life was good living on the floating city called Aqua. Harboring secret feelings for her best friend, the smoldering Rush Rodgers, was the least of her problems. Rush is the son of her father’s second in command, a boy whom her father approved of – or so she thought. After her people are moved onto her father’s navy vessel, a motion which is only the start of the torrent of secrets that begin to unravel. Pym’s search for answers lead her and Rush to a secret underwater lab that just might hold the answers to everything.
Pym soon discovers that the world she grew up in is not what it seems, and her father may hold the key to unlocking the biggest secret of all – the reason Pym and Rush have a mysterious connection to the water.

Secrets and water have one thing in common: they get distorted on the surface.

My Review:

Damn one of these days I am going to pop my Mermaid cherry, but not today.

Okay first off: This was given to me in exchange for an honest review, and honesty is what I do. With that said I have to admit that this is a 4.5 stars for me. I can’t openly say way because SPOILERS, but i will put it at the end and hide it ^.^

Kay now onto this review

Song Choice: “Into the Ocean” by Blue Ocean because I like to do that every so often, “A Beautiful Lie” by 30 Seconds to Mars, “My Best Friend” by Weezer

First Thoughts: Well this was a quick read, not only because of its length, which I don’t mind the episodic sort of thing, but I will say this, it was just fast in general, the plot moved at a really fast pace which i really like. There were somethings i wish we could have slowed down on though only because this is a whole new type of dystopia, I guess i wanted to know more about the world before. Anyways moving on, it brought in a whole lot of new ideas that I thought were interesting and totally just like WHOA.

Thoughts on Plot: So I already covered that it moved fast, it was original…and oh god my first thoughts were mostly plot…whoops. Anyways Yeah there were a lot of new ideas presented in this book. It seems that most dystopias are like, welllll here is the world but its either dried up, or blah blah blah, but this was the first time i have seen a Waterworld sort of thing, which it was really awesome. There was a lot of mystery here and unexpected-ness that you will be going, Oh i think i know, but you don’t so HA. 😉


Pym: She was stubborn and I think had a little too much faith in each other too much time. I think that she was looking for the best in people when she shouldn’t have been. I wish that she was a little more open with her BFF Rush, and main man. But otherwise than that she was a really good character. And I enjoyed her chapters.

Rush: For some reason I feel like this was more his book than it was Pyms for the most part. And personally I love that. I really do, its rare to find a book that is more for the guy than it is for the girl. I think that he was a pretty excellent character there were a few times i was hoping he was going to be a little more forceful, but omgosh thank god we found out his secret early otherwise i would have driving myself crazy with trying to figure it out. Anyways….yeah…

The ending: 😐 <= my are you for reals? Don’t leave me hanging face. Yup. Need more. NOW. NOW NOW NOW. SOOOOOO MUCH MORE can come from this and I wantz it now.

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