Summary Via Goodreads:

Finding her past was supposed to end the nightmare. Only it was just the beginning.

Entrusting the fate of the world, not to mention her and Isaiah’s life to a father she’s never met is a big leap of faith on Fallon’s part. But it’s a necessary risk. Ashton is the key to protecting Isaiah and keeping her out of Garrison’s clutches. He is also the only one who can tell her what she is, except what she learns is that she is from a world that is far more dangerous than anyone could possibly imagine.

As her powers grow out of control, Fallon must pick between her mortality and a legacy that does not include Isaiah. She must summon the courage to face a destiny that will test the boundaries of everything she has ever known. But most of all, she must protect Isaiah from the monster within herself and trust the man whose toxic blood runs through her veins.

Danger builds as power clashes between two evils, both seeking her to tip the scales to eternal darkness and suffering.

Can humanity rise to face an ancient calling to which Fallon is powerless to stop? Can she protect those she cares about, or will their blood forever stain her hands?

Touch Vengeance. Touch Malice. Touch Fire.


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

One day authors (should i say other authors?) anyways, one day, we readers will rise up against your cliffhangering-y ternary and demand that if you do it, have the next one out the next day! Or just you know, stop you from doing it…

First Warning: I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review => honesty is the best policy right? Unless a girl asks you if she looks fat, the answer is always, always, NO. don’t question me on this. It’s just how the world works.

Second Warning: This is a SECOND in a Saga, please keep that in mind because while I will not giveaway any spoilers (unless hidden) from this book, but there may be unavoidable spoilers from book one. Understood? Cool let’s get started.

Song Choice: “Rabbit Heart” by Florence + Machine, “Satellite Heart” by Anya Marina, “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arm Race” by Fall Out Boy

First thought: Holy fuck. We have been waiting what a year for this book? (no that isn’t a jab at Airicka) This is my saying – it was fucking worth the wait and so much more. If you’re looking for something so original, so mind blowingly good stop looking you’ve found it cause this is going to have your jaw dropping so much you will need surgery to fix it. Cause WOW. seriously i know I saw wow a lot but WOW. I was not expecting that at all.

Thoughts on Plot: So I am going to start where I left off a second ago, the I was not expecting that all sort of thing, at first I was like O.O HOLY HELL, we are given something so much more than the first book I thought would have ever offered, and that is coming out wrong. What I am trying to say here is: What you think you might know about this series, I can guarantee you are wrong. So very wrong. At first I wasn’t sure how this new thing that is introduced (can’t say what it is but i LOVED IT) connected with book one. I will admit for the first cough half cough of this book I was going I love this story line, i love this plot, i love the action, i love all this NEW-NESS, but how does it connect with book one other than we have Isaiah and Fallon. Don’t worry Garrison is still around. The sick bastard… i mean….*pats head*. Anyways so yeah I did have that thought then we got to the second half of the book when things start really lining up and holy mother of god I just figured something out while writing this!!! OMGOD…OH MY GOD. OMG. okay i am going to try really hard not to freak out about that anymore because its something you are going to have to figure your for yourselves… OMG. GENIUS. Alright so there is a lot, A LOT ALOT of new information in this book, a lot of new ideas everything I loved, i think it really helped expand this series as a whole and I think it gives the reader and Airicka more room to expand the plot, and really make it juicy for the next two *wiggles eyebrows suggestively* Anyways if you were a fan of book one, well I think you will absolutely adore book two ^.^


Characters are always hard to do after the first book because its like I have covered them? I have to talk more about them? Why yes…yes I do. 🙂

Fallon: I was happy she was her snarky sense with awesome comebacks in her head or out loud or times than not out loud 😉 I think that in this book she was growing a little more, she is learning how to live without her mother, but also accepting that she has her mysterious father who is not dead, all the while she is dealing with the fact she is only 17 – yeah remind yourself about that little fact because i certainly kept forgetting 😉 anyways i think at the end of the book she was still a little too trusting, but I am seeing changes in her, seeing growth, and that is the thing with series its hard, you can’t have your character change all in one book, then what is left for them but adventures? And readers love seeing their MCs grow, and I think Fallon will be showing us a whole lot of growth – still love her.

Isaiah: Sexy, yes. Quiet, yup. Reserved. Not so much anymore. Hello, you golden skin hottie, please be informed from this point on I am going to require that he never wears a shirt for the rest of this series – that is a demand Airicka Phoenix, a demand. Anyways. I think this was more for Fallon that it was for them …if that makes sense. There is romance don’t worry but there is a lot to be learned, and a lot to be done.

Archer: I am a sucker for a guy named Archer. I am a sucker for the sarcastic one. ^.^

There are other new characters in this book but I really don’t want to talk about them publicly in fear of doing spoilers so i will say this, they were well developed, deceivingly amazing, and i can’t wait for more. Seriously. I can’t wait. Give it to me now. I might even suggest just giving me your brain Airicka. 😐 <= serious face.

Ending: Its been covered ^^^^^^^^ up there.