Summary Via Goodreads:

Gauge Alexander is done hiding who and what he is. After touring StoneCrow Estates—a community built for Skin Walkers—he accepts CEO, Monroe StoneCrow’s, offer of employment. As an accountant and Sentry for the estate, Gauge vows to live as he’d always dreamed, out in the open with no more secrets or regrets.

Ella Garret is on the run. After her sister’s suspicious death, Ella kidnaps her niece in hopes of keeping the child from suffering the same fate as her mother. With nowhere to go, she contacts an old friend, Stoney Lydon, who offers her sanctuary at StoneCrow Estates. Having no other choice, Ella accepts the offer and flees to Montana.

When Ella is hired as Gauge’s assistant, he instantly recognizes the telltale signs of someone living a lie. Little Ms. Garret is not what she seems and, as a Sentry for the Estate, it is Gauge’s duty to find out just what it is she’s hiding. The problem is that part of Gauge’s dream life included claiming his mate. With his attention focused on his unwitting assistant, he’s drawn to her and before either of them can stop it, the Skin Walker affliction hits. Ella might hide from herself and those around her, but she won’t hide from her mate even if he has to use her niece to force Ella’s submission.


My Review: 4 out of 5 stars

So I love Susan, yes I do. I stalk her like insanely so waiting for the next release hehe 😉

So first off: This is part of a series, whether you can read them out of order is really dependent on if you want to, while I feel like you can I’ve been with this series since the first book, so its hard fro me to say sorry

Song Choice: “After You’ve Gone Away” by Mackenize Davis, and “Sail” by AWOLNATION

First thoughts: So I love Susan’s stuff really I do. This one I really liked as well, it stuck with the same style that i love by her. I guess there were a few things that i thought were left too open, and the relationship between Gauge and Ella didn’t seem, finished . But I enjoyed the story we did get from them and well Susan knows how to right hot schmexy Alpha types so YAY

Thoughts on Plot: So if you know the Skin Walker Series you know then pretty much the jist of whats going down. Monroe is a nosy ass like always and decides two peeps need to be mated 😉 so life throws a little curve ball to Gauge when meeting Ella. It seemed heavier in his POV which I found sort of refreshing because a lot of times its always heavy on the girl, but there were times I wish i could have been with her when we were with him does that make sense? Anyways there was abit of mystery in Ella’s life but if mean if you read the summary you know whats the happens, but i am not going to repeat 😉 But this really was i think the story of two people who never really trusted anyone but themselves learning how to trust again.


Ella: Was kinda awesome, I really relish that Susan never gives us the weak, annoying MCs but Ella was different from most that we deal with from Susan at least. She is strong but not in the normal sense, she lives her life protecting her five year baby, she would do anything to keep her safe. I admire all she has done and that she has gone through. I think that while sometimes she seems quieter its just because its in her nature.

Gauge: Was demanding. Hhahahaa, funny because well Alpha male right? Like their demanding 😉 anyways he was just that demanding. I could see that he really did start to care about Ella before he even realized it, and it took a fool not realize that he was falling in love with her, and her baby Aylsa, though its hard not to fall for that little girl 😉

The ending: Good stuff. Can’t wait for more Susan-ness 😉