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Summary via Goodreads:

It was ironic that this happened to me; I was never a night person at heart. So you can see right off the bat why a vampire was the very last thing I would have chosen to be.

Anja Evans wakes up in the morgue with a hell of a hangover. It takes almost eating her best friend before she figures out… she’s a vampire. When a dark and dangerous vampire shows up at her door asking to see her license and registration, Anja assumes Bishop is a regular cop. But breeding among vampires is strictly controlled, and her unlicensed status makes her an enemy of The Order. Struggling to find a balance between her former life and her undead one, Anja tries to blend school and living up to her new identity, all while searching to find the elusive Viking, whose blood gave Anja the strength of a vampire hundreds of years old.


My Review: (4 out of 5 stars)


I stayed up practically all night reading this… there were other contributing factors to my being up so late but this book got me through it.

Song Choice: Partially because this my newest obsession but also because it works – “All I Wanted” Kodaline, “One and Only” by Adele

First thoughts: This was really, the first in a series. What do I mean by that? I mean don’t go into this thinking that there will be big issue problems solved, this is the beginning to what i am going to guess is a very big adventure – and no i am not trying to sound all peter pan on your asses, its just how it be. So this was a lot of world building, and character relationships I didn’t mind it though, well I was waiting for a certain someone to show up and yeah….

Thoughts on Plot: Now as a seasoned paranormal reader, I just … not necessarily avoid vampires but I don’t tend to gravitate toward them either. I was pleasantly surprised with these vampires, they were true to the idea of vampires feeding off of humans, sleeping during the day, but they could go out in sunlight just hurt, and other stuff, but there were new aspects to Lisa Olsen’s vampires that I quite enjoyed as well. I am interested in seeing where the series will take us, but in this book it was a lot of like i said world building. We had to understand these new vampires and their system. The book started off running which if you know me at all you know that i LOVE that. There was a lot of mystery to this book and when I thought i had it pretty well figured out, I was wrong… damn hahaha. There were a lot of back and forth between the relationship of Anja and Bishop. I found their relationship sort of …. O.O i am going to be bitch for a moment, exhausting. This was A HUGE HUGE HUGE aspect of this book and Anja learning what it was to be a vampire. It was a story about her realizing how much her humanity she would have to give up, because of someone else’s decision. So lets move on to characters.


Anja: She was a little strange, I mean we don’t get her before vampirism and while i don’t think it would have magically altered her into a new person, i think it did really change her on some levels as well, she mentions how she normally isn’t so forceful or aggressive, but i mean we don’t ever see her not really being that way either, which isn’t to say its a bad thing, she was just telling us a lot about who she once was. I liked that she was a strong character though, there were times yes i will admit this she annoyed me, i was more or less annoyed with the way she was trying to get Bishop’s attention. But for the most part i really liked her, I didn’t have much of an issue with her at all ❤ She was an interesting character, very strong considering all the shit she had to go through

Bishop: HE was my biggest “issue” crazy i know, usually i am all like bad girl MC, good MC boy, gooood, *pets creepily* sorry not this time! What the hell? Okay so this might a bit spoiler-ish section so before i get to that, he was just stubborn, all about the job, too aloof for me, I mean we get a bit about his past and i can see where he was hurt, and hurt back but this guy has to be over 400 years old I am pretty sure… anyway so moving on. this is going to get sort of spoiler-ish? but not too bad. So Anja is turned her sire is missing and she only has Bishop to turn to, literally, so what does he do? Nothing. Well that isn’t true, he PUSHES HER away, ALL OF THE TIME, like all of the time! I was like O.O you don’t even need to be all lovey with her but i mean she just had her entire world turned upside down and you didn’t even say, hey this is how you get some nom noms? Ugh… I am sure he will get better, because at the end…holy hot kisses. but okay sorry i had to get that off my chest.

In the end i thought this was a very entertaining read and I am eager to get on with the next book – cliffies are nice people, cliffies are not NICE!!!