April Margenson Spotlight

April is the Amazon Bestselling author of the “Ultimate Power” series, which includes “Beginning” and “The War”. Also the Bestselling Waking Up Dead series which includes Chaos and Redemption. She has also published a modern poetry collection titled “Random Scribbles” Vol 1 and Vol 2 are out now.

When she’s not working on a series of her own, she enjoys reading and following shows such as Supernatural, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries, Sons Of Anarchy, and last but not at all least….TRUE BLOOD!

April is very active on social media sites and understands the value of connection with the readers.


Awesome Questions….

1)      What made you decide to write in the first place?

I have written all my life but while I was pregnant with my youngest son, I kept having the same dream every night.  Finally, I started writing it down.  After every dream the book grew until it was 2 books in the Ultimate Power series.


2)      What gives you inspiration? Is there something that halts the progress in particular?

Everything inspires me. There are no limits.



3)      What is some (cause picking one is just too hard) of your favorite books, and do you take anything away from them for your own writing?

Sweep series by Cate Tiernan and the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Anything by Stephen King and my guilty pleasure would have to be R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Saga.




4)      What’s one of the scariest moments of publishing your own books?

That would be the moment that it goes live and I realize I have made a spelling or formatting mistake.


Kay now for some fun questions:


1)      If you could meet any character, ever, who would it be? (Why if you desire to share) also can be one of your characters.

I would pick Laynie from my Waking Up Dead series, Chaos and Redemption.  I would just like to see if she could forgive me for everything I put her through. J


2)      If you can to choose:


  1.  a pony farm, unicorns included if desired (or dragons)
  2.  a library filled with books you would be interested in reading
  3. to go to the moon

…. which would you choose.

I would choose b for sure. Books are a world all their own.


3)      What is your favorite type of paranormal (mythological, supernatural, whatever you can think of) creature?

It would be a tie between Witches and Vampires.


4)      What book should I read next just kidding! But what’s on your next to read list?

I’m going to read Blur (Night Roamers) by Kristen Middleton.

Stalker Links:

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4714407.April_Margeson?from_search=true

Twitter: AuthorAprilMarg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AUTHORAPRILMARGESON

Her books:



What would you do if you were turned into a Vampire? Laynie meets a mysterious guy while out one night. He seems so easy for her to talk to, but he was far from harmless. Now she has turned and a new world awaits, but is he the person that she believes he is? Love sparks and bonds grow. Lies are hard to cover up when the most powerful witch in the world is searching for the man that she loves. Laynie soon discovers that her whole life has been something other than she had thought. She has a birthright, but can she accept the truth that she finds?



18400168Random thoughts and poems covering issues from addiction and heartache to hope and faith. Every one of them tells a special story. It may tell yours too.







18454244 Bailey Sims lives in a small town where nothing happens out of the ordinary. She’s just an ordinary girl in a normal world. One day she’s not feeling well and faints for no reason.When she wakes, she’s alone in a dark and terribly frightening place. Out in the distance a small bright light emerges. The closer it gets, the more the light takes shape. After a moment, a beautiful woman appears, floating above her. “Your destiny awaits, my child. You are strong and very worthy of the gifts you are about to receive. Do not fear. We are with you now as we will always be.” The woman tells her.Realizing that she was dreaming, she shakes it off and goes about her normal routine. The memory of the dream stays with her. Was it really a dream?
As time passes Bailey is given tremendous amounts of power. Learning to use them was proving to be a difficult task without a guide.
There’s a new guy in town, Eric Gray. He’s beyond amazingly handsome and his interest in her is clear. But will he still like her if he finds out the truth about her? Could someone as perfect as Eric love someone like her? Could he love… A Witch?


19110777Laynie has discovered that there is a way out of her situation. Surrounded by friends and family, she finds that she has a choice to become something better than the vampire that she was forced to be. All she has wanted was to become the most simple thing in life…human. Through even being locked in her own mind, faith in love and change find her and her destiny will soon be changed forever. Everything comes with a price.





18454291Bailey and Eric have been through so much since finding out their destiny. Bailey learns that fear can open doors inside her, forcing her to be strong when she doesn’t have all the answers. Opening her heart to the idea that anything is possible in her new world, she also learns that love and friendship prevail; Even if your best friends just happen to be a Vampire and an Empath. But the question still remains… Who is the ultimate power? Lines must be drawn and choices made. Can the Circle of Light protect the Ultimate Power? Will Bailey be able to find the power inside herself to fight for love and life against numerous types of paranormals? Everything seems to be a dream within a dream. Dreams do come true…


11099371Laynie wakes up in a field, alone and confused. She couldn’t remember how she got there. An invisible weight held her to the ground, keeping her immobile and unable to escape. She needed help, but the person that came to her aid, was in fact, her maker, Aden.

A Vampire.

Laynie wrestles with the idea of what she has become, but as soon as she comes to terms with it, everything falls apart.

Her life is in danger and the only way to save herself is to make the decision to stand by her maker or leave. Aden had told her so many lies that she didn’t know what to believe and now that Max has arrived, her emotions are in turmoil.

Will she be able to survive the evil witch’s wrath?