Summary via Goodreads:

There are plenty of things I could tell you about my life; plenty of things happened during my years in an inept foster care system. But my real story—when my life really began—started on the day I turned eighteen.

It was the day I discovered who I was. I learned my real name, my dead mother’s identity, and where we come from. These simple things prompted me to pack my meager belongings, hop on a plane, and come home to the dilapidated house in North Carolina that belonged to the mother I never knew.

Even though I have a home and a family for the first time, my thoughts are still burning with unanswered questions. Like why did my mother run away? Why the heck has my skin started to tingle every time it touches the water? And who—or what—is my father really? Because it definitely isn’t human–

And if all that weren’t enough, there’s this guy, Dove. Yeah, he might be a distraction from my true purpose, but when he offers a healing hand to sooth the damage from my past, I’m helpless to resist.

All I ever wanted was to know who I am, but my journey to self-discovery might just lead to the destruction of mankind.

My name is Della Doe Deare and this, well, this is my story.



My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)


^^^ that ending

I.LOVED.THIS.BOOOK. for reals.

Warning: I was given this in exchange for an honest review ❤ And honesty is what I do

Song Choice: “Sail” by AWOLNATION, “Fog” by Radiohead, “Always” by Panic! At the Disco

First thoughts: Debut book my ass! This was fantastic, then again i guess we need to take away the “idea” that debut authors/books/the are the same thing, are going to be “sub-par” or “meh” because this was kickass (sorry i like to swear) I will tone it down. This was a totally original idea that was excluded beautifully and made me sitting on the edge of my seat (literally at some points) just wanting to know what would happen next. I saw get this on your TBR and get on there fast, also you know, buy the book and start reading it.

Thoughts on Plot: Did i mention this was super original because it was! I went into this book thinking oh i am about to lose my mermaid virgin card!!! so exciting! Nope, nope, nope still a mermaid virgin but i am okay with that! This book was while not an 100% new thing for me (i have seen a variation) please don’t look unless you really want to know (view spoiler) but it was also taken very differently and I loved it! So very freaking interesting! I loved the development of the relationships in this book but i will wait on the because it has to do more with Della as a character in general. Anywhos! So I was told that peoples thought that the beginning started off slow, I have to disagree, I think that it was well paced considering this was the first in a series and had a lot of background things to develop, while in most paranormal books one can just jump right in and move right along, that is when dealing with paranormals that are used all the time this was new, there was world building that needed to be done and to be honest with the fun-ness of the characters and all the smaller things we were learning I didn’t even THINK about how it was “slow”. The end, yes was faster paced i suppose, and more action-y, Can i say this now? Regan we are going to have a nice long chat about how cliffies are not nice! hahaha. I mean i figured out the last big secret (sorry doll) pretty early but I still loved it, and i still loved the reveal and OHMYFREAKINGGOD I NEED THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT MEOW

So the writing: beautiful. Seriously, beautiful. Well detailed, and well thought out, 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE

Characters: (I don’t do casting for every book I review, just some and this happens to be one of them)




So now about them

Della: She was amazing! Seriously amazing! I loved her! She was a foster kid, and the foster kid that didn’t have a happy life and i loved that her traits didn’t automatically change because suddenly there was a long lost family she didn’t know about who were nice to her for five seconds, she took her time getting use to them, it was a while before she even called them family, to me she really felt real. There was a lot of slower developing relationships here and that I loved because it gave a very good sense of who she was, who others were and how they got a long, no insta-love here, via boytoys or family! So omgosh YAY seriously can’t get over how happy i am by this! As a character herself though, she was strong, she was a little closed off, but when she wanted to be she was fun, loving and deeply loyal once you got to that point with her. I truly felt she was an amazing MC and I adored her!

Dove: He was the love interest yes but it wasn’t about him, this was Della’s story and that made me really happy, because love interest and happy so quickly and so instantly that you are left wondering what about the build up? What about the part that makes me see them really fall? Well its starting for them, and they are friends first and that is the way to do it! I loved Dove he was a really sweet guy, he was perfect for what Della needed and I think that when things really heat up, seriously in the words of Katy Perry – Fireworks, there will be fireworks!

Cash: What an awesome character! Seriously I adored him! He felt so real as well, he was that annoying brotherly type, not that fake kind, their relationship felt more like brother and sister, best friend and best friend then anything else. I loved him, Cash was a fun loving character who knew when to get down and be serious. He was entertaining, loyal, and beyond protective. I really, really do love him!!!

The ending: well i sort of already addressed this…but i will say it again, NOT NICE REGAN NOT NICE! ❤