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Summary provided by Goodreads:

Eighteen year old Dylan is popular, the star goalie for his high school, and telepathic. Fearing rejection from everyone–including his family–he keep’s his mindreading a secret. The ability has made his life predictable and dull. That is, until Angel arrives. The artistic and unaccepted new girl in town, is an intense mystery to him; even as he discovers he can feel her emotions and experience her memories. Memories so dark, they change his world forever.

Deep emotions and humor intertwine in this modern romance about finding love, acceptance, and strength. “Porcelain Angel” is an edgy, young adult novel. CONTAINS: adult situations and language

2.5 Stars

I don’t know why I didn’t read first the sypnosis of this book! When I started reading this. I though this was going to be like “heavy” paranormal if you know what I mean (wolves, vampires etc etc),
but this was more like a romance-contemporary kind of book. I loved the first half of it because you got to know the characters in depth…I even cried a little bit when I discovered things from Angel’s (FC) past (that was truly tough to digest, but I understood her more).

Dylan (Our MC) could read minds…so that’s the paranormal aspect of it. The thing I didn’t like about it is that he started to read minds just 3 years ago…is not like he was booorn with that ability it was just like: “Hey now I can read minds, yay.” So, for me it was kind of random but, at the same time, thanks to Dylan’s ability we know what is happening with the people he interacts with and helps to add more story.

It has its funny moments because Dylan’s sister’s inner dialogues were hilarious, and her mom trying to talk about sex with him…omg I couldn’t even hold my tears of laughter.

The second half of the book, I felt, like it ruined the book for me. What started like a “serious” book with some humor in it turned into a soap opera: Lots of drama, misunderstandings, lack of communication between/among characters until I couldn’t stand either Angel nor Dylan.