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“The fate of an entire people rests on my shoulders. I am heir to a dying throne, daughter of a dead city. I have made hard choices to get this far … ”

Mermaids have never been scarier …

The Feed is upon me and my destiny is laid out before me like a map. There are no detours, no hidden whirlpools that descend into the unknown. Everything I do must be carefully planned or else my choices could come crashing down around me. To change the hearts of my people, I must find the courage to surpass their expectations, to defy tradition and forge my own destiny.

This is it, my last chance at redemption

The Huntswomen, sirens of the sea, have one real purpose in life: on their sixteenth birthdays, they must travel ashore and find a human male, mate with him, and consume his flesh. Only then can they return to the sea and become the last bastion against the violet ocean, warriors for their weaker brethren, the fishtailed merighean.

Natalie is the heir to the throne of the last merighean city still standing, but there’s something about the Feed that doesn’t sit right with her. When she meets Seth, the man with the strange tattoos, she knows that she must forge her own destiny, even if it means breaking the rules and risking her mother’s wrath. Because sometimes, to choose your own path, you must make hard choices.


If you’re thinking that you will encounter mermaids playing with dolphins while singing “Under the Sea” like “The Little Mermaid,” this book may not be the book for you.

“They were paramours and cannibals both, consuming, taking, destroying.”

“They broke spirits and souls; families crashed to the floor like glass and were never again whole.”

“They came to steal seed,life, came to bleed flesh.
They came to feed.”

This book had a lot of potential and I really wanted to love it. However, even though you have a little bit of everything; (romance, action, drama…) the book left a lot of unaswered questions which probably will be answered in the other two books, but I think they could have been answered on this one. I don´t want to spoil this too much, so I listed the things I liked and dislike:

May contain spoilers

Things I liked:
-The way Natalie thought most of the time.
-How she described both worlds. (Human and Merighean)
-Seth xD
-The concept is very interesting.

Things I didn´t like:
-The story was very slow-paced for me. (But is just the way I think)
-Natalie kissing Seth and Yuri. I mean! come on! Choose one. I don´t like “love triangles,” both of them love her and one of them will get hurt at the end.
-I needed more action and romance.

Questions during the book:
-How mermans can have children?
-In this books mermaids and sirens are the same?
-Why Natalie looked dull when Seth took pictures of her outside of the water?
-Will Natalie choose one of them (Yuri or Seth) in the second book? is bugging me. I don´t want to read (during the other books)Natalie´s confusing feelings about them.

Overall, this book was ok! I liked the hunstwomen and the role they played in their kingdom, and I also liked Natalie. (most of the time)

Am I reading the sequel?
Yep, I’m intrigued to know what happens next with the Merighean kingdom and Seth.