Summary provided by Goodreads:

“I’m going to give you memories to last a lifetime, Genevieve Cain. I promise you that.”

With a loser ex-boyfriend threatening her dream business, Sweet Seduction, Genevieve Cain is forced to go to a lawyer to finalise things once and for all. Gen knows she’s only good for one dream in her lifetime, so when she meets senior partner, Dominic Anscombe, in the foyer of the law firm’s building, she dismisses any delusional ideas her mind creates involving his very fine body. But Dominic is intrigued by Gen’s run-away mouth and if there’s one thing to say about Dominic Anscombe, he knows what he wants and when he finds it, he sets out to take it, claim it and possess it – completely.

Kidnappings, shootings, dream-shattering moments, hot investigators and just as hot lawyers, everything comes to a head when Genevieve sacrifices something so precious for something even more so. And it wasn’t the sacrifice she thought she’d make. The sweetest of sacrifices, the most worthy offering. But can she believe Dominic has fallen as hard for her as she has for him in such a short time? And can she allow herself a second dream in her life, by letting him in?

Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.


Well, this book just wasn’t for me. Sometimes I thought I was reading 50 shades of fucked up Grey again, I’m not sure why (maybe I’m just traumatized).

Genevieve was such an infuriating character, I just wanted to slap her. I really tried to like her, but her attitude was just too…impulsive and stupid. She misunderstood most things people say to her…also:
-She bit her lip every five minutes

-Every character (or most of them) were “labeled” by her like this:
“Dominic, sexiest smile and name, god-like Anscombe.”
“Movie star Katie.”
She just couldn’t talk about them without mentioning every single time their “labels.”

-She cried too much

-And said stupid things like these:
“Dominic said my name in that voice again”
“Dominic growled, most definitely not in that voice again”

I’m just giving it 1.5 stars because… Just kidding…I skipped some chapters because I was getting bored (mostly the second half)…so, is kind of like benefit-of-the-doubt points.

In conclusion, if you like “suspense,” drama, some steamy scenes and LOTS of description and repetition this might be the book for you.