2.5 Stars

“Help, kidnapper is going to kill me, Evelyn.”

Evelyn is an old lady who has been taking care of birds all life, she also had a husband who used to sell white pigeons but because he passed away one year ago Mrs. Evelyn is all alone…except for her birds that were trained to send messages. Nevertheless, not everything is good in Evelyn’s life because she has been kidnapped by a mysterious person.

So who’s going to save her?

Look at the sky! No seriously, look a it
just kidding…in truth our hero it’s a pigeon named Henry
Henry was abandoned by his mother when he was just an egg, but Evelyn took care of him until he grew up toe a majestic message sender (cooler than email or whatsapp!).

Why would such a quiet woman being kidnapped? Will Evelyn be rescued? Would Henry fly away with a flock? Why did the chicken cross the road?

All those questions will be answered if you read this book.

About the Story:
-Most of the story is told by Tammy’s (a close Evelyn’s friend) POV.
-Is really fast-paced because there are, I believe, only thirty pages.
-I think the author wanted to make Henry the intelligent guy here, and I won’t complain about that because I know animals can be reaaally smart. However, I just couldn’t believe how stupid the police acted in here (I don’t think it would have happened like that in real life)… It was like
I mean, they were the ones that had helicopters, cars, detectives etc etc but most of the evidence wasn’t found at the moment although it was kind of obvious.
-In general, this was a very cute story and I think young kids will truly enjoy it.