Summary Via Goodreads:

She’s the Beauty.
He’s the Beast.

a dark paranormal romance
For ages 17+ due to violence, language, and some sexuality.

Powerless to silence the voices in her head, Angelina obeys their every command, even if it means ruining her college career, swindling money from her friends, or kidnapping and killing a siren so she can brew a love potion to ensnare the man she’s crushed on since childhood.

The Hunter, a man-wolf-hawk chimera, drowns the memories of his murdered family in liquor. A tracker for hire, an honorable man who has misplaced his honor, a twisted soul with no heart left to care.

…until Angelina hires the Hunter to help her track down a siren and wakes him from his drunken stupor. What will it take to set them both free?


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

(Warning this is a 1.5 novel? novella – i am not sure how many pages this is to be honest the first book is called Playing Hooky, this does have mild spoilers to book one, but not anything too horrible… I am pretty sure)


song Choice: “Sweet Child O Mine” by (yes i know its originally sung by Guns N’ Roses) but I picked the cover by Taken by Trees, “Into the Ocean” by Blue October, “Sail” by AWOLNATION

First thoughts: So let me start off by saying Playing Hooky, the first book in this series or yeah novella, was a really fun, easy read, and honestly I was really, really skeptical about reading this book – sorry – but I was. I did not like Angelina as a character in the last book, I just was like what the fuck is wrong with this girl. So I pushed reading this one off because again I was like, do i really want to read about this character? OOOOOHHH boy I am so glad that I did. And you were having the same issues I was, put those issues to rest because this book was KICK-ASS. I loved it. It was a lot “darker” than the first book which was very light hearted and fun. Okay before i get carried and start doing plot – going to be flat out honest I am pretty sure I have the first book a 3.5 star rating – and I totally recommend this one. Hell if I had the money i would pay for your copy – I don’t though so don’t ask. Just don’t buy your Starbucks nasty tasting drink and buy this book instead ❤ (i don’t like coffee so i am allowed to say that about Starbucks soooo 😛 )

Thoughts on Plot: Soososososo in the first book like i mentioned really playful. This book starts slightly before where book one starts and goes through all of book one in Angelina and Hunter’s POV – til a little after what happened. What I loved about this book is it took the “villain” of book one and gave us their story, what was happening for them? I have to say it was a risky thing to do, and one of my other fave authors did it and I loved it as well. I think it gives the “villains” that aren’t quite just the “bad guys” more depth and understanding. Getting Aneglina’s story does that and this is about plot, bad becca okay. Focusing. So plot a lot darker, really fucking interesting, because its not the same story as playing hooky, some things are the same yes, on most basic plot points but its a completely different story and i really do love that. So much. I enjoyed that Rita and TJ weren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty in this book – its a hard thing to do because these characters feel real, who wants these bad things to happen to their characters right? Well it helped the story and while nothing was too exploit it was amazing. Really seriously loved this. And to be honest i think this book did a lot better (sorry again) job on world building than the first book I got more of what was going on, I understand this world better.


Angelina: Like i mentioned I hated her in the first book I am not going to lie, I thought she was a bad person (not a badly written character) I just didn’t like her personality, I thought she was to A-type, high-strung, snotty, and a bitch, oh yes sorry i went there. In this we learn why, we learn so much more about her, and while she is very determine, she is passionate, she was a wide, big heart and she is dealing with some serious shit. Again I have go back to what i said before this really does give you a overall better idea of who Angelina is, and makes you like her. I loved her. I really did, she I think will grow into a fabulous character in the later books (if she is in them) I think at the end she realizes she has a lot of growing to do but she is ready for it, and she is willing.

Hunter: Seriously? I am in love with this man! Okay here was another character we meet in book one, and I was like …. uhhhhh? Really? Why him? But then reading in his POV and reading about his story I was head over heels in love. I was all about Hunter – seriously sign me up for a Team Hunter T-shirt I am there. XD He had a dark past, a lot weighing heavily on his shoulders, he is a darker character but not ever a dark person to Angelina, the complete opposite actually. Seriously so much love for his man, and it wasn’t just surface love, i know so much about him, we learned who he really was and that is awesome in my book.

The ending: Pretty cool, not what i was expecting to be honest, but I am really eager to see more of Angelina and Hunter’s stories to develop ❤