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Cordelia Rose has a horrible life. She gets bullied by students at school, beaten by her father, practically abandoned by her mother, and wants to end her life and the suffering. But when some strange things start to happen, she questions whether or not she has a purpose in this life. Then she meets a brother and sister that mean more to her than she even realizes. They are her protectors, and her kindred spirits. Just like her, they are bruised and broken, though for different reasons. When she finally discovers the truth of her existence, her mind is jumbled with everything she has to take in; not to mention the battle she has to fight, inside and out.


My Review: (4 out of 5 stars)


That. Is. Not. Nice. NOT NICE. People shouldn’t end books like that!

Song Choice: “Say Anything” by A Great Big World – no not the one with Christina – the one by the original singer. “Funeral Song” by Laura Gibson

First thoughts: This was really good, it was a fast read, and intriguing. Unfortunately this is a solid four stars for me. There was a lot going on, there was and I love that I really do, but this book needed to be slowed down and expanded on. For the most part because i know this was the first for this author it was really amazing ❤ I look forward to seeing what Sandra has for us.

Thoughts on Plot: Okay so there is a lot, a lot we learn in this book, at first everything is a bit of a mystery until we start reading in Cameron’s POV then things are explained a bit more. I have to say though, there were scenes that needed, very much needed (and i say this with love) that needed to be SLOWED WAY DOWN. There is a lot of information that we are learning at one point and the fragile-ness of Cordelia she needed more time to reflect and take in these revelations, she by no means had a good easy life, and while it should have hardened her into an unfeeling creature it didn’t and i am not talking about characters yet, bad becca! bad! Anyways! So back to the plot really my biggest complaint is that it needs to be slowed down and there were a couple different inconsistencies that should have been addressed, but again nothing so overwhelming that i thought this was a stinker, in fact I quite enjoyed the book. The idea was very new, interesting and I could see it was well developed, but as a writer myself I know that we can get a little writer happy – just meaning that we get excited during certain scenes and move a little too quickly. So yes I think that this was really good, and I am excited about the next one


Whoooo-doggy there were quite a few characters alrightie

Cordelia: Like i mentioned before she had not had an easy life and quite frankly i am amazed that she made it this far into life XD sorry that sounds horrible just wait until you read what happened to her though. I thought that sometimes here character was hard to believe, I would think it would be impossible for her to love but maybe that is what makes her so special as well, that she is willing to love after everything she has lived through.

Cameron: He was young haha, its a rarity to find a main male in a YA (almost NA though) who is actually the age he looks XD strange i know! CRAZY YES! Anyways now that you have gotten over your shock, he was heart-broken over his last love, which yeah i had a hard time believing was only months before, there should have been a bit more separation of time. He was kind of an ass and not in a good way, he does redeem himself

Kaleigh: She was one of the inconsistencies everyone said that she was a girl with a heart of gold, she seemed like the hardest of hearts…oh that is good song choice for her from Florence and the Machine, anyways. She was probably my favorite out of all the characters though, I feel like she is going to being a major favorite.

Dean: Interesting. He was passionate that is for sure.

The ending: seriously? Seriously? Sandra we are going to have words. haha alright that is all