Thanks for joining us all, for our very first – um…haha – Blog-a-versay (as i am calling it) I am so thrilled to have a special few gents to join me today. Now Airicka Phoenix generously allowed her schmexy men out of the basement to join me for a bit for an interview. So enjoy. 😀


So before the boys get here, I would love to introduce them as I know them (um yeah this is from my review and a bit more)



I know you are all just shaking with excitement to learn about him/read my thoughts about him. When we first meet him he is rude, an ass, and overall grumpy! I thought we might be dealing with a brooding male lead, which don’t get me wrong we all go through that phase, some girls dig that sort of thing. Me? Well i like my guy to do more than stare at me from across the bar giving any guy to looks at me the evil eye. I want him to be there with me, holding me close, messing around with me. While Octavian is very serious at first he grows into so much more. While he is fiercely protective of Riley, and his family he does have a sense of humor most of the time ;). He is loving and full of passion. He is one of those rare male leads that actually seems to have somewhat of self-control which is shocking, and the fact that he does resist and thinks of Riley makes him all around swoon worthy. But not only is he emotionally awesome. Well physically…yum.




Now he was my first love of the brothers. I love his humor, he is very suggestive and funny about it. He is sexy and also oh so dangerous. Though he honestly to me felt like the biggest mystery to be solved out of the brothers. While his twin Magnus has secrets to he seemed a bit more of an open book to me than Gideon. There is a lot about Gideon that i feel is not being said, there is a lot we have yet to learn and i am UNBELIEVABLY excited to read his story which is next btws. Gideon was, wow. He made me want to blush, giggle like a school girl, and all of the things in between.




Magnus: NOW he at first was more of an ass than Octavian, he doesn’t really start to come forward til a little bit farther into the book like the other brothers who really start to shine right off the bat. He is crude, blunt and plain out a straight up asshole. Who actually became one of my favorite brothers. He shows compassion in a different way and once you figure it out you will see how much he really does care. While i don’t understand his hatred from certain creatures, i am looking forward to learning more about him. He promises to be a very interesting character i am sure.




Reggie: He was the little humorous brother in the beginning. He felt like the playful one the one that was always easy to be around. But like all of Airicka’s characters in this book there was more to him. He started to change farther and farther into the book, he became more distant and more serious. He is dangerously protective but understandably so. He is scared but also more than that. but i can’t say what.

Group Interview with the Maxwell Brothers

Gideon: “How do I look?”

Octavian: “Does it matter?”

Gideon: “We’re about to have an interview with a hot little number. There may be pictures involved. I need to look—”

Magnus: “Like a total tool?” Pats Gideon on the shoulder. “You’ve aced it.”

Gideon, punches Magnus in the shoulder: “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.”

Reggie: “Hate the aftershave. God, Gid! Did you bathe in the stuff?”

Octavian: “Will you three grow up? We’re already late.”

Gideon: “Baby, I was born ready.” Tugs on the collar of his coat. “Let’s not keep the little lady waiting.”

Reggie: “What girl likes to be called a little lady? That’s just disturbing.”

Gideon, shoves Reggie: “Shut up and watch the big boys.”

Reggie: “Let me know when you see any.”

Octavian: “Seriously you two, shut up!” He reaches for the door and walks through.


*Clears throat… and shifts in seat*

Damn how is a girl not supposed to swoon right. Shit, shit shit. Be cool, be cool, be COOL.

“Hello Boys.”

Gideon: “Well hello!” Wiggles eyebrows.

Octavian Inclines his head: “Thank you for having us.”

Magnus finds a seat and drops into it, dumping his feet on the table.

Reggie: “Hey.”

I can do this. Just need to not look directly at them. I am cool, I am confident.

So…Wow…such hotness in this room right now. Shit I just said that out loud?!? Maybe they didn’t hear.

How about you tell us a bit about yourselves gentlemen for the readers who aren’t quite so familiar with you already?

Gideon: “Allow me to go first.” Ignores the groans of his brother as he plunges on. “I’m Gideon, the smarter, handsomer of the brothers. I like long walks, women in leather and—”

Oh God I giggled. I know people who would kill me if I entertained the idea…but damn that man is fine.

Reggie: “She said a bit. No one wants to hear about your after hour activities.”

Magnus: “And it’s handsomest, dumbass.”

Gideon flips him off.

Octavian: “Please excuse them. They were born stupid. I’m Octavian, reluctantly related to these three. I’m the eldest and I’m mated to Riley Masters.”

Reggie: “I’m Reggie, the youngest of the group. I’m mated to Daphne Caldwel. But like Riley, she’s human and unlike Octavian, I’m not willing to put her at risk because I’m selfish—”

Octavian: “I didn’t deliberately put Riley at risk!”

Reggie: “Right because you had no other options except to—”

Gideon: “Ladies, ladies, please return your panties to their proper position between your legs. The lady is not here to listen to you two go on like a pair of hormonal teenagers. She’s here to listen to a real man—”  *Giggles*

Magnus: “So it’s my turn to speak?” He drops one ankle over the other and leans back in his chair. “I’m Magnus.”

Seconds tick by.

Reggie: “And?”

Magnus, shrugs: “And what? I don’t do interviews. I should be out catching rogue demons, which is a job I take seriously.”

Gideon, waves him away. “Will you relax? Take that stick out for a few hours and pretend like you’re not a complete douche.”

*Sitting with eyes wide…* Um…should I say something? Oh right I am interview them.

*Turns attention to Octavian* So you are Riley have been through a lot together, how are you doing now?

Octavian: “We’re doing great. Thank you—”

Gideon: “God, is that what you kids are calling it now?”

Octavian: “What?”

Reggie: “It’s more like we’re doing it all the freaking time!”

Gideon and Reggie bump fists, snickering.

Octavian: “You two are—”

Reggie: “Right?”

Octavian: “Dead when we leave.”

Gideon: “Ooooo! So scared.”

Reggie, snorts: “I’m not. The second he walks through those doors, Riley will jump him and we won’t see either of them for two hours.”

Landing a kick to Reggie’s calf, Octavian turns back to Becca: “Ignore them. Things are fine between Riley and I. She’s getting better at controlling her hunger and hunting. She wanted to be here, but she’s still hesitant about being around people. But she sends her love.”

That is so great to hear Octavian. Send my love to Riley. So um…*reads through notebook*

Reggie you are the youngest, while do you tell us a bit about being the youngest brother?

Reggie, sighs sufferingly (yes, I made that word up): “It’s horrible. No one understands me. I get picked on and abandoned and—”

Gideon: “Oh, are you talking, Reg? Sorry. What was that?” He narrowly misses a punch in the shoulder from Reggie.

Reggie: “See?”

Magnus: “Reg, could you pass me that throw pillow behind you?”

Reggie, plucks up the plush pillow and toss it to Magnus, who pitches it back at Reggie’s head.

Reggie: “Hey!”

Magnus: “That’s for being such a whiny twit.”

*Giggles again* I really hope I am not smiling like a doofus…crap I am aren’t I? AHHH shit they are waiting for a question.

And hello twins – I would have you boys *winks at Magnus* know that I am a twin as well. Now I know what it is like having a twin, but I always enjoy hearing the horror stories of other twins why don’t you tell us a bit about being twin?

Gideon: “I’m older, which makes me better.”

Magnus: “Then it took Mom five minutes to realize what a mistake you were and had me.”

Gideon: “She only had you because you like to follow me.”

Octavian: “Boys, focus. You’re scaring Becca.”

Gideon, leans over Becca’s chair and stares deeply into her eyes: “It’s okay to be frightened. I have that effect on women.” I.cannot.breathe.

Magnus, rolls his eyes: “How are you not a petri dish of disease?”

Reggie: “Could you guys please answer Becca’s question?”

Gideon: “It’s called a raincoat, bro.”


Ignore, ignore, ignore. Try not to think about that to …dammit. Um question, question, where did all my questions go? Oh yeah out of the window with my dignity. I think I drooled when Gideon stared into my eyes.  

Now you boys have been around – for a while what was your favorite phase? Disco? Hippies? Dubstep?

Reggie: “Cowboys and Indians. The world was one big adventure.”

Gideon, smirking: “The sixties. There was a whole lotta love happenin’.”

Octavian: “The Victorian era. Everything was about honor and elegance.”

Magnus: “This morning, when I took a—”

Reggie beaned him with the pillow.


I think are readers really need to know, who wins the most amount of fights between all four of you?

Gideon: “I do, of course.”

Reggie: “You wish!”

Gideon: “I don’t have to wish! I own this.”

Magnus: “There’s this theory Gideon got dropped on his head at birth. The Healer took one look, screamed and … oops.”

Gideon: “Dude!”

Octavian: “I don’t think any of us ever really win.”

Reggie: “No one ever stays on track during arguments.”

Gideon, nodding: “That’s exactly it. One minute we’re arguing about whose turn it was to take out the trash. The next, we’re fighting over who ate the last slice of pizza. I swear they have ADD or something.”

Reggie: “They? Don’t you mean we?”

Gideon, considers it, shakes his head: “No, I’m innocent in all this.”

Magnus: “Do you even know the meaning?”

Gideon: “Yeah it means fu—”

Octavian: “Boys! Language!”

Reggie: “Who died and made you our mother?”

Gideon: “Speaking of mothers, did you hear that cuss words coming out of Mom’s mouth this morning when she stubbed her toe on the bar? Even I didn’t know some of those words.”

*raises eyebrows and clears throat* Well that answers that question.

So Gideon we had a request question for you: What is the nature of your relationship with Valkyrie?

Gideon: “That woman drives me to drink! She’s impossible, pigheaded and completely just…just…ugh! She’s insufferable, bossy and I wouldn’t have a relationship with her if you paid me! No! If you tortured me! I would rather be skinned alive and then rolled in lemon juice and salt. I would rather have my pecker deep fried in battery acid. I would rather—”

Magnus: “Jesus, Gid, calm down!”

Gideon, rounds on his brother: “That woman…she needs help.”

Magnus, raises an eyebrow: “She needs help? Are you sure?”

Gideon: “Do you see this?” Points to his face. “I never had this tick in my eye until I met her.”

Reggie: “Is that why you have a picture of her under your mattress?”

Gideon, whirls on him: “What the fuck you doing in my room?”


Um maybe we should move on, I don’t um have insurance.

What are your hobbies boys?

Gideon, calmer: “Women. Pretty women with glasses and curly hair.” Eyebrow wiggle at Becca.

*Giggles and blushes until completely and utterly red in the face* He thinks I am pretty. And a woman! Wait…I am a woman. Eeeeeee. Hehehehe.

Octavian: “Believe it or not, I actually really enjoy the science behind mixing drinks.”

Reggie: “Watching movies, whether at home or at the theater. I love watching the story unfold.”

Magnus: “Being a Caster.”

Gideon: “That’s not a hobby. That’s a curse.”

Magnus: “Some of us actually enjoy the work we do.”

Aww Magnus…

Kay so the last of my questions. I need to know, do you all believe that one day you will find your soul-mate? What is your favorite thing about a woman?

Octavian and Reggie exchange glances.

Octavian: “I never thought I would. We weren’t supposed to. The curse was supposed to keep us from…then I met Riley and I couldn’t ask for anything else. As for my favorite thing, her eyes. I love her eyes. They remind me of home, beautiful like the hills of Ireland.”


Reggie: “I’m with Octavian on this one. It was supposed to be impossible. I was just getting comfortable with the knowledge that I would be alone forever. It’s somehow worse knowing she’s out there and I can feel her and I know she belongs with me, but I can’t be with her. I would rather die of a broken heart then lose her. And I love Daphne’s smile, the way her entire face lights up when she laughs. It’s the most beautiful sound in the world.”


Gideon: “Do I believe I’ll ever find the girl that was meant for me? Will I find that one girl that will make me change my ways and become a better man? Possibly, but like Reggie said, I would rather she hated me and wanted nothing to do with me over seeing her get hurt.”

Reggie, elbows Gideon when he stops speaking: “Favorite thing about a woman.”

Gideon: “Oh! Sorry. I like a woman that can stand against me the same way she can stand with me, with strength, loyalty and a great pair of boots.”

Magnus: “Women are trouble. They expect too much. They demand too much. They’re stubborn and indecisive and they have the power to destroy a man with just a glance. Do I want to find a soul mate? Hell no. I have a brain in my head. Who needs that kind of headache?”


Thank you lads for being here today. Magnus you are more than welcome to stay afterwards of course. It was a real um…treat. *grins evilly* I know you all – but you Magnus seriously I won’t tell Airicka – need to head back to her basement but we loved have you here today. ❤

Gideon: “Whoa, wait a minute. You pick him over me?”

Magnus: “Girl has taste.”

Octavian: “Thank you for having us, Becca. It was a pleasure. I hope my brothers didn’t upset or offend you with their disgusting behavior.”

Reggie: “Oh shut up!” Shoves Octavian. “We were angels.”

Gideon: “Octavian’s right about one thing though, it was nice to get out of that bar for a few hours.”

Magnus: “It was a pleasure.”

Reggie: “Thanks for having us.”


EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Magnus said it was a pleasure! Why am I waving like an idiot, I need to stop. Oh god. Oh god. I think oh noses. Yeah  I just thoroughly embarrassed myself.


Now I would like to thank, Airicka Phoenix who has been a friend, a sister, a mentor, and just a total peach ;). When I started this blog with Andrea a year ago, I never ever thought I would end up here with amazing new friends, both authors, and bloggers, that I would have over 1000 likes on Facebook, over (yeah I know this kind of really low but whatever I am excited about it) 6600 views. And to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure how long we would be here. Thank you all for those who support us, those who are checking us out for the first time, and those who will come. The adventure is just beginning.

This is going to be fun.

Now make sure to check out Octavian’s Undoing by Airicka Phoenix

octavians undoing

No good deed goes unpunished.

Riley Masters learns this the hard way when she finds a wallet and decides to do the right thing. But returning it will cost her much more than she bargains for.

Abandoned by her mother, raised by an indifferent father, Riley has accepted the fact that she would be alone always. She has no idea that a single act of kindness would propel her into a world where creatures that shouldn’t exist guard the human race from the demons that lurk in the shadows. That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she’d been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness?

Octavian Maxwell has always known his place. He is a Caster, a Son of Judgment. His job is to protect the mortal world from the creatures plotting to destroy it. Instead, his world is shattered when a human girl walks into Final Judgment, a girl he has been searching for his entire life, a girl he is forbidden to ever touch. Being with her will break the oath he’s sworn to never love a mortal. But his heart has already found its mate and it refuses to let go.

Final Judgment… a place undetected, a gateway to evil and a legend that will undo everything anyone has ever known about our world.

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