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Welcome to the future. Genetic engineering has been perfected. Manmade dragons fly the skies. Devils are bred as weapons of war. And a powerful stem-cell drug called Eternavix can keep you young forever. IF you are of the right political class. IF you are loyal to the Universal Imperium, the empire of empires that dominates the planet.

But producing Eternavix requires DNA possessed only by certain women with rare genetic traits. Mara is one such woman. A Eurasian with vivid blue eyes, young Mara comes to war-torn Chicago to start a new life, unaware that she is worth a fortune to those greedy enough to sell her to the Imperium. Only by an unlikely alliance with a bio-designed devil, a devil who has fallen in love with her, does she stand the slimmest of chances to escape a horrific fate in a secret desert prison known as the Nursery.


My Review: (3.5 stars out of 5)


To be perfectly honest: I am not happy with that ending. Sure you can all it happy, but I’M not happy.
Leaning towards (and my friend who recommended this to me is going to kill me 3.5 stars)

WARNING: HUGE ASS WARNING RIGHT NOW – this is not suitable for the light of heart, those under the age of 17? 18? whatever. and honestly i wouldn’t say this book is for everyone, it might step on your toes, or kick you in the groin depending your views on life. Also I don’t know why my crazy brain does this…but I think – I THINK – I saw somewhere that it said this book was YA – no, no its not. at all. no. that isn’t a bad thing but it is a warning if you are expecting that.

Second Warning: My friend referred me to this, and with the author’s permission I was given this for free in exchange for an honest review, and ^^^ if up there isn’t proof enough for you I don’t know what will be.

Song Choice: “How to Disappear Completely” by Radiohead, “The Once Happy Heart” by Belle Mare, “And the World was Gone” by Snow Ghosts

First thoughts: This starts out action-packed, getting your heart pumping, to you steaming mad, to just enraged, and doesn’t let you loose. Finding out what happens is a sort of must, but I will say this again this has in my opinion some very controversy things in it. Okay for example, and i am not saying this book is in anyway like this book – what so ever – The House of Scorpion i don’t remember the author’s name and it is two clock in the morning, so no i am not going to look it up, was about a clone, a clone that was treated like they were a prize, a body to be fostered for organs, it pissed me the right off. So you getting my drift right now? This isn’t a fun, happy, adventure tale, this is going to piss you off, wishing you were in the book so that you could start some mayhem yourself

Thoughts on Plot: This book was jammed packed with stuff, a lot of time passes in the middle of the book without…a lot of time passing? Does that make sense? So in the moments of a page or two, or three we are suddenly months ahead of time. There were amazing action scenes in this book, i saw everything in high definition, and could practically feel the gore on me. Seriously, feel it on me, i wanted to go watch brain matter (i don’t think there is any brain matter – but there is blood- in this to be honest) off me. There were some really awesome plot ideas that were going on, a whole dysoptia to take down and what nots 😉 Anyways when I started this read I thought it would be mainly about Mara, I find myself now finished that I think the book was more about Be-elzebub. Honestly I liked that it was more about him but i will talk more in depth about characters in a bit. So this book is like i said jammed back there in my mind three parts to this book and now don’t be shocked when i go over this – its quite a revelation – ready? Kay…
There is the beginning, middle, and end….hahahaha yeah i am an ass, okay so but for reals…that is really how to explain it in a sense, the beginning focused in on this area, the middle this area, the end that area. now talking about them in-depth is not realll possible because of spoilers, but this how i will put it: I really, really, really, loved the first part i couldn’t get enough of it, it made me want to rise up, rebel, be angry, really FEEEL, the middle, I was totally off-put and kind of really pissed off to be perfectly honest. The end was really action packed, really a mixture of the first and second half for me, i loved it for many reasons, i was very upset with it for others. I can’t say outwardly say right now.
So I guess one of my biggest regrets for this book was there was this wonderful line by Be-elzebub that stuck with me until the end, seriously i want to post this on my wall – i have this sort of wrapping paper length writing paper that i put up in my room…on my wall that is what i meant. not my facebook wall….anyways the line,
“My regret – my primary regret – was that I had not had the courage to be mortal.” 
I thought that this line could have ruled the book and I would have been happy as a clam to be honest. So enough of my rambling you all don’t understand because i can’t go into specifics


Mara: As I mentioned before when I started this book I thought it was going to be about Mara, I thought she would be my focus, my affections would go to her…but um not really. While I hate that everything had to happen to her, in the end, to be 100% honest – and please don’t kill me friend – I didn’treallylikeheralllthatmuch. *shrugs* for me she was a hard sell, I get what she went through really fucked her up, I didn’t hate that she cried, not at all but i disagreed with a lot of her rash, seemingly out of character decisions.
sooo this is going to be HUGE HUGE HUGE SPOILER please don’t look if you don’t want the book to be ruined kay? (view spoiler)

Be-elzebub (Bee): Our genetically altered devil/demon. I really REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVED the fact that all his add-ons had a purpose, horns were there just to be there, they had a reason, his entire build did, and that made me unbelievably happy ❤ so in love with that. So okay Bee and I have an odd relationship too me this book was for him. Sorry if you don’t feel that way but that is how I felt. He was the main focus for me, this was about redeeming him, not so much about Mara’s adventure – sorry Mara. Anyways he had moments where i felt that he felt very much like a child, other times he was too much of an ass, and other times I was just down right in love with him. So in my opinion he was flawed yeah but it made him somewhat more believable to the readers, by no means is he the brooding bad boy who really isn’t all that bad. hahaha quite the opposite. He was my favorite character in this book to be honest.

The Creator: Fucking. Psycho. That is all.

Toby: He is a hard character to talk about because I didn’t really feel for him at all. He was a surface character for me. Sorry but that is how i see him.

Anyways the ending like i mentioned I was not pleased with at all – seriously friend please don’t kill me. But that is the way i felt. And I stick to that. I have been informed that there will be a squeal and I will check it out