Summary via Goodreads:

A consummate professional, Lilly Worthington, has been personal assistant to CEO, Monroe StoneCrow for years. In that time, she’s witnessed much that leads her to believe there is something strange about Monroe and his staff. Tight-lipped and unwilling to rock the boat, Lilly performs her duties with skilled efficiency. Nothing could make her falter from her schooled indifference to the odd occurrences that plague StoneCrow…that is until King Mulholland arrives.

After years of being surrounded by Monroe’s gorgeous staff, Lilly is disconcerted to find that she cannot shake her attraction to King. Worse, he’s assigned as Monroe’s Chief of Security meaning he’s constantly in her presence. The distraction of King coupled with sudden threats at home has Lilly wondering if the two aren’t somehow connected. Are Monroe and King hiding something?

Skin Walker, King Mulholland, is called home to repay a debt to his friend, and Dominant Skin Walker, Monroe StoneCrow. Determined to even the field and then move on, King goes to great lengths to avoid Monroe’s machinations where pairing Walkers is concerned. Only two things stand between King and his freedom: Monroe’s scheming, and Lilly Worthington.

Inexplicably drawn to Monroe’s personal assistant, King is certain Monroe is somehow to blame. King struggles to fight his urges where Lilly is concerned; however, when Lilly is attacked all bets are off. Single-minded, feral, possession consumes him and his need to protect Lilly begins to outweigh his desire to play hardball with Monroe.

When King is finally stricken with what Monroe calls the affliction, King is more than ready to claim his angel…he is eager!

My Review:

So short, sweet, sexy, Skin Walker, Susan Bliler, so the 5 “S”s what else do you need?

Sticking with the S theme Song Choice: “Swing, Swing” by All American Rejects, “Shelter” cover by Birdy originally done by The Xx

First Thoughts: I love everything Susan writes, I really do, I think its just fantastic. This was no exception I loved this book…for the most part. What I do have to say though is that….when the hell was this happening? O.o. If you have read any of the previous books we already know who has been mated, and I get there were clues in the book telling you the time this book was placed, but unfortunately with the add-ins of hand-held e-tablets, I was a little thrown every time I was going oh okay so this was before Conn, before Monroe, before Leto…So YES there are clues that tell you, and yes i will admit its probably my own fault as well I am HORRIBLE with names if Lilly shown up in the other books as King’s mate *swosh* right over my head. ❤ ❤ Still enjoyed it though.

Thoughts on Plot: I thought that this was very different from the other books in the Skin Walker Series which all seem to be a bit more heavy on the action part – which don’t get me wrong i LOVE, but this was a little more subdue. I think that this book could have been expanded on with the relationship between King and Lilly, but it wasn’t totally like lacking in chemistry – actually it was anything but lacking, I just thought a little further development could have been done. So while this won’t be classed as my favorite Susan book – that will always be Territory as it was my first Susan book, I still did love her amazing style. There was some action in this book so don’t get all confused, but this is where i also had a problem with the timeline IF i am remembering correctly a new “villain” was introduced in Leto’s book – yes…that had Shy in it. Anyways but unfortunately they were also part of this book but never part of other books and that causes a bit of a problem when procressing with series then doing a prequel to others – now me personally I don’t care, I will accept it as it is, and you know what i might be a big liar pants, but since what i do with my time is read, I have read quite a few books between now and Monroe’s which was the last to release, let along Leto’s book. So maybe i am wrong and please feel free to call me out if I am and be like “bitch re-read blahblahblah books then proceed to shake your head at me” Anyways I did love the pace of this book, the characters mixed really well, it was my Susan crack that will keep going until I get York’s book or Gauge’s – yes because I have decided what book she will release next and that is that. so… 😛





Lilly: She was fierce with a heart of gold. She was a little bit of both this don’t you dare fucking mess with me mama bear, and this sweet little pup that needed to be looked after. She would throw me through a couple hundred loops when i thought she would fight she backed down, she i thought she would back down she fought. I thought she was a very interesting character who did whatever it took to get what she wanted, information, other things, and other things. She was protective, but kind as well.

King: HOLY GOD I NEEDED HIM. I was looking for an over the top, hot, HOT HOT HOT, Alpha male type and he DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Damn this man make me want to tear him a new one then excuse my lack of better terms – jump him. Seriously *fans self* thank you Susan. Hahaha, he is hard, on the outside, never willing to back down and while he said some INSANELY sexists things in the beginning of the book i quickly forgot about them and was picking my jaw off the ground and wiping away drool. Sexy, dominant man.

the ending all good, all good. Give me York’s book, or Gauge’s i would be totally right with either one of theirs, but seriously… GIMMIE!