Summary via Goodreads:

Adriana Sinclair is an evolutionary mystery. Her blood type matches nothing in modern medicine. When a failed blood transfusion kills her twin sister, Adriana discovers she’s a throwback to an original human that scientists have coined the “Mitochondrial Eve.”

Still reeling from her sister’s death and the subsequent realization of her family’s secret, Adriana struggles to put her life back in order and focus on her college studies. She finds comfort in Kalan, the new guy whose striking albino features and friendly manner keep her distracted from the wreck her life has become. Kalan is exactly what she needs right now, even if he does seem a bit too interested in Adriana’s mysterious bloodline…

My Review:

4.5 out of 5 stars.

I really liked this. It was SUPER cool, interesting, and if you pay attention at all to any of my statuses ignore the Christian thing I jumped the gun there XD.

Song Choice: “Romulus” by Sufjan Stevens, “Satellite Heart” Cover by Christina Perri, “You’re All I Have” by Snow Patrol

First thoughts: So this was an intense scifi thriller, that had my heart pounding, and I totally forgot about trying to out-smart the author like I normally like to do, being all like – I know what is going to happen you can’t fool me, HA, HA HAHHA, yeah I did actually laugh….anyways – so this was super interesting, only there were a few parts that I did find a bit gag worthy, and also some of the scientific terms were um… never quite put into layman terms…. I am an English major goddammit! I don’t know science-y stuff even though I love all things sci-fi XD

Thoughts on Plot: So intense, it started out where I wasn’t expecting it, and okay yeah maybe it shouldn’t have started where it did, I understand WHY it did but at the same time Adriana just lost her twin, and her grieving was a little spontaneous and odd at sometimes but overall it didn’t bother me. It had to happen that way in the way that the plot worked. So it starts off fast, and keeps the pace, I didn’t realize how far I had gotten until I had to come up for air…um…well not air but that is tmi :p haha anyways. So this is going to get your heart racing, your eyes a going, and you might not see the twist that come, yeah there are some things we all find out before both the MCs but I mean the author sets it up that way. I liked that this book wasn’t centered completely on the romance between Kalan and Adriana, I didn’t think it was needed. Overall I thought this was super interesting, and a totally new idea that I – personally – have not come across before. Now I read one review that said this book was littered with grammar problems and blah blah blah now I get that pisses off people and I respect that, but also these are indie authors that have to pay for everything on their own, editors are NOT cheap, and yeah okay there were a few times I was going, oh that is wrong but overall I just enjoyed the book for what it was, an amazing book.



Adriana: She was kinda all arounds kickass, she doesn’t let people step in and do things for her, she is a do-er…hahaha, I don’t remember what tv or movie I saw that from but haha funny…anyways …so moving on. Adriana though she thinks she is weak I never really see it, she jumps right into the thick of things, kicking ass, finding answers and not letting anything stop her. I really liked her and while she is hurting she doesn’t let anything bring her to a halting stop. At times I will admit I felt like she was the man in the relationship between her and Kalan but I lets it go. Anyways so moving back to Adriana she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, and I totally respected her as an MC. And she does have a vulnerable side I think that Joanne, got the twin relationship dead on. For reals – I am allowed to say this as I am a twin myself. The relationship that Adriana and her twin was totally relatable for me as a twin myself and I it really made me feel.

Kalan: He was interesting I really was like; wow we are really in a male’s head right now. Other times he was very sensitive which I get and there was quite a little twist in there that I thought mayhaps could have been expanded on slightly only because I wasn’t sure it actually happened until it was confirmed later. But seriously it didn’t bother me that much once again. Anyways he was a very interesting character with a lot of different layers to him and I loved it. I loved him. So fantastic ❤ anyways so Kalan = A+ in my book.

Marcus: Was interesting, he was hard to figure out most of the time, and I think at times he broke the character he was portraying to everyone in the book and we saw the real him which I found incredibly interesting. He had quite a few surprises for us as well.

Villain: holy fudgers there is nothing much scarier than a villain who actually believes in what he/she is doing is right. Anyways that is all on that.

NOW FOR THE BIG TIME SPOILER TIME, this is unfortunately mostly where this book lost points with me – not that it was bad it was more of…ehhhh factor. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LOOK if you don’t want certain parts of the book spoiled for you <spoiler> so first off, Adriana’s CREEPY ass uncle being her father really? UM SICK, JUST SICK, I kind of wished this was actually confirmed by the mother so that I could know for sures, but I am pretty sures, Uncle Les made me want to hurl on more than one occasion which in my book makes him a really fantastic character. Okay so on top of that, Adriana and Kelen being third cousins? EWWWW I knew it was needed for the book I get it and I wasn’t that “grossed out” realizing that they were the product of a clone and a different father but at the same time, eeehhh it’s a little borderline dangerous and while I wasn’t turned off from this book it might turn off certain peoples *shrugs* other than that I loved it </spoiler>

So the end….good. No real cliffie, I am not sure if this is a series or not, I will admit I did like Joanne’s style so yay. I am totally willing to check out her other reads that is for sure.

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