Guardian Dragons (Aarabassa World: Divided Realms #1)


Synopsis: Based on the world of Aarabassa where one half is dark the other is in constant sunlight. A magic barrier divides the darker characters out of the Lightlands.

Only the Guardian Dragons and the Changeling can pass through the Magic Wall. When the dragons over hear vamplins plotting to attack the Darklands, the dragon Queen seeks the Ancient Mage for help.

Three young Princes have grown up alongside the Changeling a female mage. Their world will soon change as they are destined for different adventures.

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Flight of a Changeling (Aarabassa World: Divided Realms #2)


Synopsis: Based on the world of Aarabassa where one half is dark and the other is in constant sunlight. A magic barrier divides the darker characters out of the Lightlands.

Prince Raphael is taken on a pilgrimage to heal his illness, by Rikka the herbal nurse, but all is not as it seems.

Prince Amos and Prince Leon depart on separate quests to invite various races, including dwarves, centaurs and merpeople, to the Lightlands Council to ready for battle with the creatures of the Darklands

Heather, the Changeling is journeying to the Guardian Dragons lair, meeting with the Forest Keepers on her way. Her final destination, to meet with the monshaad Emperor on the other side.

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Book 3:  Blood Bride will be released on the 1st December 2013.


About the Author:


Bio: New author and Indie author of Fantasy by night. Sell vintage and antique items via e-commerce by day. Four grown up children and 2 wee grand children. Three dogs (now two as I lost my oldest companion to cancer) and and a very curios cat who follows us on dog walks. 

*Guardian Dragons, Book 1 on Amazon in kindle version and paperback.
*Flight of a Changeling, Book 2 on Amazon as Paperback.

Love to write but if I’m honest I don’t much enjoy the computer work I have to do as an Indie author, it is very time consuming. So many other things I’d much rather be doing. But, there you go, it has to be done so I’d better get working on it.


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Question: What have you published recently?

Book 3 of the Aarabassa World fantasy series. Released on Amazon worldwide as a paperback on 4 November. Kindle version will be released on 1 December. http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Bride-Aarabassa-World-Volume/dp/1493662732

Question: How, and when, did you decide to become a writer?

I don’t think I made a conscious decision to become a writer, I simply started to write for pleasure. I’m unsure exactly what triggered me the day I started but I had always had a yearning to write a book. Fortunately English was one of my best subjects at school so combining that skill with my wild imagination, meant creative writing flowed fairly easily. I began the fantasy series Aarabassa World whilst on a French camping holiday. It was constantly raining so we were quite bored. Not having much in the way of electricity, I began to put pen to paper in the old fashioned way. My first book was written entirely by hand.

Question: Where can we find your published writing?

I always publish initially on Amazon (worldwide). Usually I release the paperback first and then the kindle version. Once I have completed the committed 90 days in KDP, I then publish the e-version elsewhere i.e. Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.




Question: What is a typical day like for you as a writer?

I am also self employed as an e-commerce retailer. So my day is mainly spent at the computer. In between I cook, dog walk and occasionally do housework tasks. I will complete my day job before I can sit down and write. Hence most of my creative writing is done in the evening. I’m also an avid editor so I edit my work quite cruelly and even then I end up publishing my books with errors. One of the downfalls of self publishing.

Question: What are your favorite characters that you have created? Tell us about them

I like my vampires (vamplins) as they are quite different from the ‘norm’. They do not kill to feed, well not yet anyway. I’m fond of the vamplin leader, Fiendrac. He is of course a large, handsome male. he has long white hair and very pale white skin, due to living in the Darklands.  I also based the 3 heroes and 1 heroin loosely on my own children so each of them have some small characteristics I like. The eldest is the heir to the throne and is called Amos. He is quite serious as he has a lot of responsibilities that the first born always shoulders. The middle prince is Leon. He is in love and goes on a few adventures whereby he parties quite a lot with the people he meets. The youngest Raphael is born quite ill but goes on to become very strong. The Changeling Heather grows up very quickly in the story, due to a few difficult situations she finds herself in. There is little relevance to my own brood but certainly I was influenced to create 3 males and a female and I occasionally use one of their characteristics.

Question: do you find you “mentally edit” other writers’ works as you read them? Does doing this help you or bother you?

I admit guilt to this with the books I am reading. I will notice other writer’s errors better than I will my own. The problem with being your own editor is you end up a little blind and simply don’t always see those little gremlins. However, they stand out like a sore thumb when you’re reading other writer’s works.

Question: What music do you listen to, while writing?

None. I need absolute silence. That’s probably why I create on an evening when all is peaceful. I’m not much of a music person I’m afraid. The artist in me is just for reading and writing.

Question: What do you eat while writing?

Nothing. I would say chocolate but that goes all over the keyboard. Plus it’s far too fattening. Nope, I don’t like distractions when I’m concentrating. So ‘whoa betide’ if the phone rings, I’m more likely to ignore it.

Five for Fun:

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?  chocolate milk shake

What is your favourite cartoon character? Winnie the Pooh

What is your favourite movie of all time? As Good As it Gets, Jack Nicholson

What do you like to do for fun or just to relax? Watch movies. Read, Write.

Question: Where can we find you on the web?

Blog: http://onewomansquestuk.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook author page: http://www.facebook.com/catherinelvickers

website: http://www.onewomansquest.co.uk/index.html

Goodreads author profile: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6927743.Catherine_L_Vickers