The Billionaire Banker BannerThe Billionaire BankerTitle:  The Billionaire Banker

Author: Georgia Le Carre

Published:  October 1st, 2013

Word Count: 55,000

Genre:  Erotic Romance

Content Warning:  Explicit Adult Content

Restricted Age:  18+


When Lana Bloom learns the devastating news that her mother is dying, she is faced with a terrible dilemma.  The one thing that can save her is the one thing she does not have.  For young and innocent Lana, the unthinkable becomes her only choice.

But when she walks through the door of that exclusive restaurant she has no idea of the seismic shift her life is about to take, for the highest bidder will not be the rich man she has accompanied.  Fate drops her at the feet of the deeply mysterious and dazzlingly gorgeous American banker, Blake Law Barrington.  Throbbing with raw masculinity and arrogance, this is a man who owns all that he pursues.

And now he wants her.

Lana cannot deny she is both intrigued and intoxicated by the world Blake inhabits and the smouldering passion he stirs in her body, but she is also fearful for this man is addictive, and right now she is very vulnerable.  She knows she should focus only on the arrangement, but how can she…when he has opened a door that cannot be closed?

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Georgia Le CarreAbout the Author:

Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.

When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.

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Excerpt 1 from The Billionaire Banker by Georgia Le Carre:

Lana closes her eyes.  She has drunk too much champagne.  The whole situation has become farcical and impossible for her to deal with in her present condition.  She feels the sting of defeat in her bones.  ‘What do you want from me?’

He leaves the door and walks towards her.  Again that sensation that he is predatory animal.  ‘Well for a start…’  He reaches her and suddenly jerks her towards him.  She falls forward and is pitched against his hard body.  Shocked she is filled with the scent that Rupert called old money and establishment.  Difficult to define, but it reminds her of rosemary, not because of its smell, but because it is so clear and distinct.  Nothing wishy-washy about it.

Everything takes on an unreal appearance.  The fabulously wealthy interior.  The man outside that door that wants to rape her for money.  The frighteningly remote man in front of her that brings into her body sensations she has never experienced before.  A pulse at the base of his throat is throbbing.  She watches it curiously.  She has never seen it in a man before.  And then an arm comes around her, a fistful of hair close to her nape is grasped and tugged so her face is tilted up towards him.  ‘This,’ he says and his mouth swoops down to possess hers.  His breath smells like brandy or whiskey.  Wicked, anyway.

Excerpt 2 from The Billionaire Banker by Georgia Le Carre:

*This excerpt has had certain words/phrases cleaned up for tour purposes for blogs that feature books in all genres.

It is Rupert’s cold, hard voice that drags her back into that room.  They had both not heard him enter.  ‘I’m afraid she’s rather spoken for,’ he drawls, but there is so much suppressed anger that his voice is like a blast of icy air.

She snatches her mouth away from Blake’s.  He is positioned between her and Rupert so his wide chest hides her from Rupert’s condemnation.  Her eyes, cloudy with confusion and desire, are still caught in Blake’s gaze.  For a few seconds more he does not release her, but simply stares into their blue depths with something approaching surprise.  Then his eyes turn into hard granite chips and his body stiffens as his hands tighten and curve protectively around her waist.  Slowly he turns to face Rupert.

‘But still unpaid for, I believe?’ he says, and looks down with a smile at Lana’s flushed, troubled face.  She has two very quick impressions.  He is a brilliant actor and he is a cold man.  A shockingly cold and unemotional being.

Rupert directs his astonished, vicious eyes at Lana’s.  ‘You offered yourself to him too?’

Lana stares mutely at Rupert.  His eyes move derisively, hatefully over her.  She feels herself cringe.

‘Does he know how much you charge?’

‘Do you doubt I will be able to afford her?’ asks Blake.

Rupert shrivels the way a leech that has had salt thrown on it does.  ‘This is why you invited me here, isn’t it?’


‘What a joke!’ he taunts, but his jibe lacks any real bite.  ‘The great Barrington can’t find his own whore.  He has to steal mine.’

‘I didn’t steal her,’ Blake notes reasonably.  ‘I just offered to pay more.’

Rupert’s eyes bulge, bug-like.  ‘She’s just a cheap bloody tart.  I’ve just fingered her out there,’ he taunts maliciously, jerking his dandruff-laden head in the direction of the door.

Lana feels Blake’s hand tighten around her waist.  ‘Consider it an unearned freebie, then,’ he says quietly, but there is warning in the calm words.  A warning that is not lost on Rupert.  The air becomes tight with tension.  Lana looks from one man to the other.  It is like watching two lions fighting for supremacy.  But her body knows which lion she wants to win this fight.

Rupert shrugs.  He knows he’d be a fool to go against a Barrington.  He has much to lose.  ‘If you think I’m going to fight over her you’re mistaken.  Have her.’

He turns on his heel and leaves.

Blake lets go of Lana.  She realizes she is trembling.  She leans against the desk, hating herself, but unable to stop—nothing is more important than the money—she asks, ‘Did you mean it about the money?’

My Review

This book is definitely getting five stars from me. I absolutely fell in love with this book. The writing was excellent, the characters were developed very well, and who can’t love this book after meeting Blake? 😉

Lana’s character…well, I just want to hug her. She’s been through so much and my heart just breaks for her, knowing that she has to sell her body to find a way to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment. I was rooting for her character the entire book, and fortunately, she was not one of those main protagonists that makes you want to gouge their eyes out with the stupid shit that they do…which seems to be happening a lot lately, at least to me.

Blake, Blake, Blake…damn. This man is fine and intriguing as well. Getting a look into the way that rich people live and act has always been intriguing to me in books, and looking into Blake’s character was no different.

Victoria…I want to gouge her eyes out. That’s all I’ll say about her.

The sexy scenes in this book…definitely worth it.

Many may not enjoy the ending, but I enjoyed it immensely. Will definitely have me getting the second book come January.

I definitely recommend this book and urge that you read it. It will be well worth it.