Summary Via Goodreads: 

The dreams start and Bethi’s very normal life goes down the toilet. Reliving past lives, where Dog-men chase her and she sees her eventual tormented death, Bethi sets out to find a way to live this time around. The dreams hint at an answer. She needs to be strong enough to find it, or die…

The third installment of the Judgement of the Six answers questions, questions answers, and risks the fate of the world.

My Review:

5 out of 5 shining stars.

O.M.G. The raw talent in this woman should make you run to get her first book and read until your eyes bleed.

Warning: I was so honored to be asked to read an ARC for an honest review, now if you are aware – or not aware, this is the third book in a series. Can’t this series be read out of order – no. And also why would you want to? All these books are fantastic – honestly, truly I can say that. Anyways so you know I am completely and utterly saying my own feelings on this book. My honest own feelings. (also if you have NOT read the first two books there will be spoilers from those books in this series – it cannot be helped – but there will be NO spoilers for this book)

Song Choice: “Dreamer” by Uh Huh Her, “Heart Skipped a Beat” by The XX.

First Thoughts: I think this might be my favorite Melissa book, – I think. I am not sure I really, truly still love Hope(less). So wonderful…but the great thing about Melissa is that she creates whole new characters, and whole new plots. Yeah okay I will admit there are times when I love a series – really truly love it – but the stories are strikingly similar to the last. Melissa manages every time to give us not only new characters, but whole new adventures.


Thoughts on Plot: So like I mentioned up there, whole new plot for us. There is a lot of action in this book, in Hope(less) we get a lot of Clay and Gabby together, trying to figure each other, but while it wasn’t running, cars, fights kind of action there was a different sort of movement in that book. (Mis) Fortunate was also a bit less action-y then this book but still awesome, still amazing. Anyways this, was magnificent. This was mix of humor, very, very serious topics, and amazing characters to boot – we will get to them and I am excited to, so very excited. This book we get to tie in the last ones, we are learning a lot of new stuff, but while everything isn’t completely laid out for you like a-b-c, it’s all there, and it all comes together and I swear I had a thousand – excuse the stereotype – blonde moments and I was hitting my forehead going, well duh! How did I not see that! There is so much new, awesome things we learn and I don’t think we ever really get “lost” or left behind, we are right there with the characters, figuring it out as they do – does that make sense? I hope so. Totally awesome. I loved it. I LOVED IT I LOVED IT. Okay trying to calm myself. (I loved it) I blew right through this the pacing was amazing, and I wanted to read it in one sitting, the one sitting meaning no reasons for getting but darn life, and need for sleep! *shakes fist*. So in a nutshell – Melissa seriously every book just tops the last, and I mean the bar was pretty fucking high as it was. (I mean come on – Clay? How could anyone top that?)















Now about them

(I am not going to do all these characters because we already know Gabby, Clay, Michelle and Emmitt)


Bethi: Okay I will admit I was a little worried, she is the youngest girl we have read about. Pfft what a stupid thought really. She is – and I am sorry to say this to the other girls – she is my favorite out of them so far. Oh my god. She was amazing far more wise (get it? Anyways) then her age. She is also beyond FUNNY, she is sassy, quick to wit. But there is so much to her. She just such a 3 dimensional characters is not even funny. She is funny, she is wise, she is tormented. But above all things she is strong. I don’t even know really how to begin to describe how awesome Bethi is, she really does put everyone else’s well-being above her own she makes the hard choices, and does what needs to be done, and with a certain Bethi flare. She is – seriously I am in love with her. Amazing, amazing MC.


Luke: You stubborn, stubborn man. I wants him. Okay maybe not as much as I want Clay – or possibly Carlos – hello hottie….anyways getting off track here (Melissa you just make too many swoony men how is a person supposed to choose just one?). So anyways he was the one that would joke with her but was also very respectful, and protective. I really liked Luke though some things I just couldn’t see his reasonings for he does get over it. Thank God. Anyways Luke, Luke, Luke ❤


The ending: I need more. I need more. I don’t think you understand there is something totally awesome about getting an ARC and something totally horrible as well – I have wait even LONGER for the next one!!! UGH that is my only complaint. 😀 Loved this book.