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Synopsis for To Right A Wrong:

Orphaned. Rejected. Ruined. How many wrongs can any one person take?

Miss Candace Green is orphaned along with her younger sister and sent to her paternal uncle’s home. Intruding on his bachelor’s status, he sends them to be “lady’s companions” in Bristol.

A year in Bristol envelopes Candace in darkness and desperate to keep her sister from such a fate, they escape to find shelter with their mother’s estranged family in London. Family that disowned their mother for marrying a man beneath their class, their father.

En route to London, Candace encounters many people who will change her life forever. She is stunned by their kindness, humbled by their understanding and overwhelmed by their love. As one such person, Lord Blackstone is determined to introduce Candace into polite society while securing her position in the arms of her family. All the while he must fight to hold onto her while trying to right so many wrongs. Is love enough? Can it heal such devastating wounds?

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“I have accepted your protection, my lord. Anything you want of me is too little compensation.” Her tone of voice had changed, reverting to the soft, huskiness that spoke of all things explicit. His eyes widened, his jaw firmed.

Blackstone grabbed her elbow and pulled her off the road and into the stand of tall oak trees. Candace was so surprised she nearly tripped over her hem as she whirled around to follow. Stepping into the cover, Blackstone brought her up in front of him and backed her into the dense shadows behind a thick oak base.

“Stop it, damn it, stop it! Yes, of course I want you, but not like that.” He shook his head, searching for the right thing to say. Candace watched him, her body shaken. “The devil take it! I can’t even speak when I am around you, Miss Green. You tie me up in knots and the more restricted I become the more contented I am.” Candace drew in a shallow breath and tried to find a calming tone.

“I do not mean to torment you. I do not know any other way to be with gentlemen.” The breathless quality of her voice drew Blackstone to her. He stopped just inches from touching her.

“That part of your life is over. You are never going back to that, I can promise you.” He leaned forward, touching her face with his fingers. Tracing her jaw up to her ear and back again. She closed her eyes, giving into the tender moment. Leaning her head back against the trunk of the tree, Candace felt the warmth of his breath on her neck and her heart leaped in excitement.

“Why wasn’t someone there to protect you before this happened? Why in the Lord’s name did someone not keep you safe?” It was a question all too familiar to her mind. The latter was one of the many uttered in the last year.



A.C. Wilson, is a pseudonym for Amanda Wilson Cornell. I felt that it would allow me more freedom as a writer. I live In Abilene, Kansas with my husband, Jesse and my two boys, Hunter (4 yrs) and Ty (1 yr). I grew up in Morrill, Nebraska where my family still ranches and farms in the panhandle. I have a Bachelors in Agri-Business and Finance as well as a Masters in Business Administration. I stay at home during the day with my boys and at night, I am an assistant manager for a local hotel in Abilene.

I started writing romance novels four years ago when Hunter was born. I have always loved to read and Historical Romance, mostly set in Regency England, was inspiring. Suddenly there were characters developing, evolving and speaking to me. I just started writing. I had no idea what I was doing. I let the characters tell their stories. I knew that I wanted my characters to be deeper than the flighty debutantes and random rakes of the time period. I wanted real problems to come to light.

My first novel is Rockwell’s Lady, Historical Regency Romance, and was published July 2013. To Right A Wrong is another Historical Regency Romance, was just published September 1, 2013. I am currently working on a Contemporary Romance, Black Hills Angel, set to release December 2013.

I love to hear from my readers. Email or Facebook me!