Cintani BirdCintani Bird is the story of Lucca and Sophia and their adventures that they find themselves on. This story is definitely not what I was expecting. If I were to give it a star rating out of 5, it would probably be a 3. The descriptions and character development in this story were amazing. While reading, it felt like you were right there with the characters seeing exactly what they were seeing. The characters were also very well developed. You get a good backstory to Lucca and Sophia and can get into their heads well during their experiences.

One issue that I had with this story is the disorientation I felt at not knowing exactly what time period this is taking place in. There were elements that were very contradictory. We know it is obviously after the Roman era since they are descendants of that period, but it’s hard to determine exactly what period we are looking at. The writing style makes it seem old, but the things that happen make it seem like it might be more modern. It wasn’t so much of an issue. It was just disconcerting to me that I couldn’t exactly point out when this was taking place.

The main idea and moral of the story was definitely a good one and was well developed and executed. At the end of the story, I knew exactly what I was supposed to be feeling and what I was supposed to get out of the book as a whole. It was a very inspiring story of forgiveness and a great representation of the classic protagonist/antagonist story.

This story could use another editor’s eyes. There were a few grammatical errors that I found, and there were also a few parts where I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, almost like there was a part that was left out or something. At some points I had to go back because I thought I had missed something.

As to if I would recommend this, I would for certain readers. This is definitely a story that is tailored to a certain reader. If there is a reader that likes fantasy adventures that lean more toward a Tolkien style, this would be a good story to read.