So I love blogging….odd since when I first started this I didn’t know how I would feel about it. And as much as I love LOVE doing this, it has been a bit … stressful trying to get a review up for you all, one at least a week sort of thing especially when (well now all three of us – have school) We are all in college, we all have very heavy loads with that.

Andrea and I have been working tirelessly on Damaged my novel that hopefully *fingers crossed* will be published by the end of the year. So on TOP of trying to (Andrea) editing it, me getting stuff together for it, and writing the next books in the series, we both have part time jobs. Sooooo needless to say we are both BUSY BUSY BUSY, and while I am reading because you can’t stop me, I have promised a couple ARCs and Beta reads which i am TOTALLY excited about, but it also means I can’t post my reviews until a bit later. (the arcs are usually part of a blog tour).

So Nellysa who I met through Goodreads, and we have been pen-paling it up for a couple months now and have become really close. Her native language is actually Spanish – how awesome is that?! Well anyways my point of this is, help me welcome are new totally amazing reviewer: Nellysa. She will be part of the team in very way, and she will probably be running the Twitter page – oh yes we went there – more than I will be because …. I suck at the twitter. I do know that the twitter bird’s name is Larry. It is, look it up. Anyways! Nellysa and I have similar taste, but she also does contemporary fiction, adult stuff 😉 😉 young adult, paranormal, etc, etc etc.

POINT IS, I am unbelievably excited to have her here and I hope you are too. ❤