Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am not entirely sure how to rate this.

Part of me wants to say 5 right off the bat, another part of me really just wants to give it a 3 at best. (I suppose if you need a solid answer 4 stars out of 5?)

Before I get into the nitty gritty… song choice…song choice: “Fleur Blanche” by Orsten…why is very particular this time: It’s because I this book had a mix of new age (us) mixed with sort of period piece, and I think this song is a good representative of that.

So to explain my strange need to rate this so oddly. This was not a full length novel, nor was it a novella. It was only 26 pages long. And yet I felt like it was trying to cram in this beautiful full length novel in only 26 pages. Honest to God I think that I have drooled, stars-in-my-eyes, over the moon loved this short story if it was a book. As it is now, its hard for me to love it. I can’t do this like a normal review set up that I usually do.

The writing, oh my lord, what beautiful writing! It was so elegant and beautiful sculpted. Really gorgeous. But… as much as I liked it was at odds with it, because the MC (oh god this is embarrassing – does the MC even have a name? I am not sure… EEP) anyways the MC is supposedly what 19 years old? She doesn’t speak like one ….. or God this is hard! Because i know Petronela is not from the States but a 19 year old girl from my hometown would not sound like that so maybe I should be so judgmental on that so I won’t, but she was very proper, which I didn’t mind it just seemed… odd.

The plot: So much potential, I am so sad that this had to end so quickly. There was so much space for building up the book, at the very least this could have been a novella, the the very most this could have been a beast of a book. I would have been happy with a novella, i would have been in LOVE with a beast of a book. I really did like this short story, i will say it again it was beautifully written, engaging and so intriguing. But – yup that but comes up again. It moved too fast, we jumped from scene to scene without a whole of transition and while it would have normally made me go red in the face I didn’t mind it too much in this.

The characters: well there wasn’t a whole of time to develop them but from what we did get I liked them for the most part. In a short story i think its hard to make you really care about the characters as you would in a novella or above but I think that Petronela did that. I did feel for the MC I really liked her, and I want to know more about her. I was very intrigued by Lord Idris. Awesome totally awesome.

The ending…. grrrr… I have no idea the plans this author has, whether she was making an episodic series, or if this was like a i don’t know sample (shorten – way shortened) of a full length novel or if there is another short story to follow but I would gladly read them. I really did enjoy the writing, and I loved the beginnings of this story but as a reader who usually does primarily novels, and novellas at times it was a hard thing for me to review.