So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Hi! It’s Andrea. Long time no see. 🙂

Since Becca is too chicken to pimp herself out, I’m going to do it for her. As some of you know, Becca has decided, after many years, to publish her first book. It is the first book of a series (the first is called Damaged) and there is a flexible release date of Winter 2013. Maybe sooner since it is done and just needs editing, touch up, and fun things like that. I’m in the process of editing right now, and I’m not sure who is more anxious for me to be done: Becca or her dad. Long story when it comes to her dad. Anyway, she is well on her way to becoming a self-published author!

We’ve set up a Facebook page and a website for her. The website is pretty sparse right now since we’re just getting it set up, but soon it will be filled with fun things about her and her books!

So check it out! Like her page on Facebook, follow the website, and I’m sure pretty soon I’ll be able to convince her to get a Twitter feed for herself and not just the one for TVH.

Here’s some fun links for you: Facebook page; Website