No we aren’t! 

School has started, jobs has remained, and new things are on the horizon for me (Becca). 

Now I love blogging, I love reviewing, and I will not stop but reviews might be a bit more few and a bit farther between. I am sorry for this. I am a little backed up with reads for reviews, I got a couple ARCs i am super excited about as well. But I promise, promise, promise We aren’t done here! We aren’t! Stalker Saturday still are happening on the Facebook page and i do try my best to post at least one thing a day. So please if you do have a Facebook and you do love hearing from us then please check it out. Oh and if you don’t have a Facebook…we just got a …. twitter. but i probably won’t be on that as much either. 

So don’t think we are dead, we are very much alive and kicking…busy but alive. And i love you all and thank you so much for the support. ❤ 

So those things on the horizon, well lots to do with blogging…and a bit to do with my own writing, GASP! SHE WRITES, she does, and she did even before blogging. So yes I am currently with that on my plate as well, and Andrea too – she is editing the first book that I just finished! exciting I know. But I want to keep this The Violet Hour separate from my author name. If you are interested in learning more go to there isn’t much about the book yet only because I am waiting to do a cover&blurb reveal. It’s all very exciting but also a bit time consuming, but i PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE i still want to review, i still want to blog, i still want to try and do your reads for reviews, but i am part of two blog tour companies, part of a street team – i might be heading one soon as well O.o eep with someone else tooo! which i am excited to do, but what does that all mean? I have a lot of my plate so bear with me love you all very much!