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“When Game Warden, Eden StCloud, goes up against CEO, Monroe StoneCrow, she encounters the most intimidating, powerful, and sexy man she’s ever seen. Unaware of the fact that Monroe is the Dominant Skin Walker in North America, it isn’t until Eden becomes enmeshed in his life that she realizes it’s too late to escape. Worse, she’s drawn the children under her care into the lair of the beast and most now succumb to Monroe’s desires or risk losing her children forever.

CEO, Monroe StoneCrow, is a man tormented by his obsession with creating a haven for his Skin Walkers. Determined to form a community where his Walkers can exist in peace, he has no time or desire to seek out his own mate, his angel. When Eden StCloud crosses his path, there is no denying his instant attraction, or his overwhelming animalistic urge to claim her. His affliction is so intense that even his own medical experts are at a loss to ease his symptoms. With his Skin Walker refuge in danger of collapse due to his preoccupation with Eden, Monroe is stymied by his inability to do what he’s always done…simply take what he wants.”

My Review: (5  out of 5 stars)

Delicious 😀 I will be coming back for seconds 😉

Song Choice: “Taking Control” by Eisley, “Too Afraid To Love You” by The Black Keys, And “Lonely Boy” The Black Keys.

First thoughts: Okay I am a seasoned, veteran reader of Susan Bliler. I am pretty sure my first book with her was Territory – and from then on I was hooked. Nothing could stop me! I was an insta-fan! With her last release Leto I found myself yeah still in love but also I don’t know it wasn’t my favorite Susan book – sorry Susan if you reading this and you are like BITCH! or if you are a huge Leto fan and you are still going BITCH! but honesty is the best policy…unless you are wrong. haha anyways! I found myself eating this up and positively in love. Such a beautiful story, mixed with that hot, chemistry lusty feeling at first mixed with, holy hot sex, and swoon. Anyone following this series has probably been waiting for Monroe to get his, and boy does he! BWHAHA.

Thoughts on Plot: It started out pretty quickly as most of Susan’s books do which i love! And if you have any experience with this series then you know that yeah they have the soul-mate rule, kinda, but anyways i was pleased with this book because it took a while for this to come into play. the characters had been through stuff together, they were at each other throats it was fun to unfold. Okay yeah most of the real action-y action is in the beginning and sort of fades off but i was never bored with anything else that happened. I liked watching their relationship progress, it was very, very entertaining.

Oh…holy hot sex.


(okay i have found myself doing this more and more casting of characters)

So say hi to Edie – not Eddie 😉

And a howdy to Monroe:


Edie: is fierce! I really do love her, she was so self-less, and such a mama grizzly she is dangerous. She love nature, and she fights for what she wants. She is a good main girl character, not to whiny, not too badass with her i don’t like to be weak stuff – i do understand that but at times its like we all have our weak points. I like Susan’s characters as well because they weren’t all the same girls and they aren’t all the same boys. Anyways she was really good character, very loyal but scared to trust.

Monroe: Welp! He takes Alpha male to a whole new level really. Like i thought the other boys in Susan’s books were bad-ass but my God! Monroe is one possessive man. And very demanding, and controlling 😉 😉 I liked it i did, I don’t think he was sooo bad that i was like dude back the fuck up or anything because yeah i would think he would fun as hell to mess with if i could get away with it.

The kids….? I am not sure if the summary goes over this – honestly I saw a post on facebook that this was released and i one-clicked it and started reading. So i thought at first that they were going to be pushed into the background and completely, almost forgotten about but they weren’t and i loved that! It gave the book this heart-warming story. I loved it 😀 great aspect in this book honestly.

The ending…good, very good 😀 I want Gouge’s story and i want to know a bit more about it please! and thank you susan I love you keep writing forever 😀